Display Mode on Momentary Button Tile

I’m new to SmartThings, Groovy, etc. I’ve created a few devices using the Momentary Button Tile device type and a SmartApp to change the current mode (Home, Away, etc).
I wanted to modify the Momentary Button Tile device type to display the current mode as the label, rather than “Push”, but can’t get the syntax correct (which I know is because I haven’t fully wrapped my brain around how the device types interact with the rest of the world.)
Any suggestions?


I don’t believe you can get the current mode in a device type. You would have to create a smart app that would send the current location on mode change to the device to update the value.

Check out this section in our docs: http://docs.smartthings.com/en/latest/ref-docs/smartapp-ref.html#sendevent

Thanks. That kinda what I suspected. Now I may actually have to read some of the documentation :grinning:

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