Discontinuation of MyQ Connect Community SmartApp


I was under the impression ST had previously investigated getting in touch with users running outdated code. This was an issue with this SmartApp before as it was generating large numbers of errors and required an update.

(Paul) #162

Yes, but that never happened. Someone from ST posted they were trying to get in touch with the users… but that was weeks ago. I promise my install was one of the problem children, and I never heard from ST.

(Allan) #163

Actually @yvesracine I am a contributor and I do get code updates, so yes I am qualified to say that it is overly complex for me and I’m sure many users. It has a lot of features I simply don’t care about which is why even though I contributed to you I did so because there were no other options available at the time. In Essence, again at the time, I was forced to pay for your code because nothing else existed which was part of the point of my post that you somehow turned into a defense of your app along with a advertisement. Now I use @StrykerSKS code because quite honestly I find it easier to use,easier to understand, looks better, and is easier to update through GitHub integration then yours. Nothing against you or the app that you designed, again I already donated to you, but I like his better.

@NorCalLights & @wingrunr21 - I was under the same impression. In fact, from that post, they said they identified 2100 users that were using the old code. If they could identify the 2100 users then they know how to get ahold of those 2100 users. And if they really were out of date they could have either sent them messages or even disabled the device on those accounts when they didn’t reply or update the code on their own. The fact that they said they got millions of errors on their Server doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and it seems like smart things just dropped the ball on trying to get it fixed since it sounded like they had all the information they needed to do so.

So since they turn this off because they said it was unauthorized access of the Apple API can somebody just packet sniffer the Android app, modify the code, and we would be good for a little longer? :slight_smile:



If ST does not have the ability to query/blacklist a given SmartApp (eg with the a given name/namespace) on their platform I would be a bit surprised. That would essentially mean if a SmartApp ended up being installed that proved detrimental in some way, they would be pretty limited in their ability to respond.

In any case, this is still an easy problem to solve: keep the current app deprecated and make a new app. That would require folks to install updated code.

As an aside, this use case of being able to flag an app as outdated and require some kind of intervention is probably something the platform should be able to handle.

(Paul) #165

You would think.

Name/Namespace is not enough to find problem instances of an app. Name and Namespace don’t change based on version. I’m sure they’re able to find problem instances through other means (and in fact they have said as much). But I’ll tell you I never got a message from ST about my install. The only way I knew to update was because I stumbled across a forum post long after it was posted.

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #166

When folks copy/paste a SmartApp or DTH into the IDE, it becomes a unique unshared object. SmartThings can search for installed SmartApps by name, but not efficiently, and a personal copy could be renamed.

This really emphasizes that cut/paste of code was never intended as a way to distribute to mass of Customers — The “Submit for Review and Publication” is the only method SmartThings approves of; but unfortunately that area is severely under-resourced.

(Jason Mok) #167

If only SmartThings allows distribution without reviewing first. It’s happening outside of SmartThings anyway one way or another.

(Jason Sievert) #168

I guess you can never trust a keynote for promises.

(Brian Diehl) #169

Goes for all companies it seems.

(Marc) #170

I just picked up 2 Iris/Linear zWave garage door openers for $76 at Lowe’s as they are being discontinued (not sure why). Amazon is such an awesome company and is letting me return my MyQ that I bought in 2014 from them because I told them I was unhappy with the product and since I buy a lot from Amazon, they are allowing me to return it. I managed to keep the packaging which always helps. So I am getting $40 back in my pocket and don’t have to worry about any future unpromised MyQ integrations.

MyQ can now shove it :slight_smile:

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #171

The Apple, Android, and Microsoft stores don’t allow publication of Apps without review, so why should SmartThings?

Sure, owners of these devices can “side-load”, but there’s a HUGE difference here: In the case of Apps, a rogue or misbehaving App can generally only affect the device (phone or tablet) it is install on.

In SmartThings, malware or performance impacting unreviewed SmartApp or DTH, if published, could (and has!) severely impacted the SmartThings Cloud, and affected users who did not install the SA or DTH.

SmartThings only “partially” sandboxes each process. Ultimately they share the same resources and they don’t have the instrumentation in place to identify bad players; but I guess that is in progress.

Meanwhile, SmartThings wants SmartApps in the “Marketplace” to be highly reputable from every angle (secure, functional, coordinated with tech support, efficient, …).

(Ben W) #172

2 years to figure out you are unhappy? I can’t get Amazon to stop using onTrac to ship (which they never actually deliver), and I have spent thousands with them.

I still don’t have a way to integrate my garage door into home automation since the Linear is not supported on my model.

Almost bought a MyQ light switch for my garage, glad I didn’t.

(Marc) #173

Their customer service rocks. I literally buy almost everything from them.

(Jody) #174

The errors were being generated because of rate limiting on the Chamberlain side. We reached out to the app developer to decrease the amount of polling allowed in the SmartApp. The errors had actually decreased, so we did not take the steps to disable the SmartApps.

No. Chamberlain has blocked access to their API for requests coming from a selection of their servers. This access violates the Terms of Service that Chamberlain requires to use their products.

(Jason Mok) #175


  1. they aren’t really serious about reviewing apps. Look at RuleMachine. Submitted for months but was missed out. Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

  2. Developer can get a hold of the distribution of an app versioning and stuff.

  3. understaffed. you mentioned it.

  4. easy installation for non techy person. There are many who just have the IKEA syndrome. THEY DON’T READ INSTRUCTIONS. nuff said.

  5. ST would control the distribution easier. if there’s malware, you can control this widespread easily. if you don’t have this control, how are you gonna remove the malware? asking customer one by one to delete the app?

  6. more exposure for developer? not everyone browse through this community to find out what extras they can do with SmartThings.

  7. potato!

It doesn’t mean that ST don’t continue with the review process, reviewing and endorsing can be done later. they can always put a disclaimer that this has not been reviewed and has not been endorsed by SmartThings.

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #176

All good reasons, but ain’t never gonna happen.

(Jason Mok) #177

I’m sure ST will do it because of this reason. Let’s hope.

(Bobby) #178

No offense, but how many threads have been asking, yelling, demanding, crying for an IFTTT channel and got no where?

(Bobby) #179

Hey when I first plugged my v1 hub and asked support for an ETA on the official My Q integration, they said it’s in the works, but meanwhile they can help me get the community based app, which does a very good job. When I first installed your app I was floored about the possibilities that ST has for Home Automation. Unfortunately, I am still laying on the floor almost two years later. The only thing that has changed is that support doesn’t offer to help install the community apps, but uninstall them…

BTW, this is over exaggerating, but I am still on the floor, though, waiting for something to lift me up…


I realize they don’t change. But in this instance, that would be all that’s required would it not (given that every single instance no longer works)?