Disable/Pause a SmartApp temporally?

Is there a way to disable a SmartApp temporally?

I have a couple of SmartApp (Rule Machine based) that I need to pause for a while. I don’t want to delete them just to re-create them later.

You could create a virtual switch and add to the rule that it needs to be ‘on’ to run…

You can also create a special mode that is set manually. Then set the rules in question to only evaluate when in all modes except this one. For instance, I have Home, Away and Guest modes. The first two are set automatically by mine and my wife’s phones as presence sensors. Guest mode is only set manually if someone is visiting (e.g. babysitter or grandparent) while my wife and I are both out. I then have rules like setting the thermostat heating set-point to a lower temperature when in Away mode. This doesn’t occur when in Guest mode.

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That makes sense. Dumb question but how would I add a “virtual switch”?

I’m already using modes to trigger security while my wife and I leave or arrive. You cant have two modes selected. It would be easy to just turn one mode on and associate it with SmartApps that should only run if that mode is true.

This post will give you a step-by-step method of creating a virtual switch in the IDE.

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Folks, I was looking for a disable/pause functionality too, but having to add a dependent v-switch per rule seems overkill. Can we not just have a disable option for the smart app, please? That way there is no unnecessary collateral to manage/cleanup. Thanks for your consideration!

Agreed. There is no reason to create a workaround for this. Tasked does it exceptionally well. While developing a smart app or playing around with something new that you don’t have fine tuned yet, we really need a way to disable it until the next time we can work on it again.

I think I found a way.

I created a new Mode “Disabled”
So, now all my summer SmartApps stay intact.
Now, manually switch over (pause) each SmartApp from “Home Mode” to “Disabled Mode”.

Or create a “Pause Mode”!
Wish I had thought of it a year ago and not constantly “Removing” SmartApps.
Hope this helps.

I wish to apologize to all those who figured it out years ago.
I must have read it back then, but too much a NEWBE to understand what they were referring to.
I had to figure it out for myself.
Silly me.

This is just one of a few other solutions.
Good luck.

I have a virtual switch for every room in my home and even outside that simply says “Name of Room” Automation.

Den Automation, Kitchen Automation, Day Room Automation, etc…

This way, I can easily turn off automation to that room or thing by simply adding the rule that the switch has to be on in order for the rule to work. Even created a room that all of the automation kill switches are stored in for easy sorting…

I also have other rules that says if “Name of Room” Automation" stays off for “X” amount of time then Turn On…With these being voice accessible, I can’t find an easier way to do it…

I use Switch Mania to quickly create virtual devices.