Disable GE Smart Switch From Turning Off?

Hi all,

After enjoying my hue lights so much I decided to upgrade a bunch of switches to the GE Smart Switches. Problem is when I assign them all to rooms the bulbs have similar names. I liked having the bulbs turn off on their own using the command because when they turned back on they held their memory.

Long story short is there a way I can disable a GE smart switch from turning off? I’d like the ones connected to my hues to be “always on” no matter if they are manually flipped down.


  • Savio

I’m having a little trouble picturing what you mean, as well as what you’re asking…

But do you have hue bulbs in fixtures that are also controlled by your ge smart switches? If so, that’s not really going to work, smart bulbs need to be in a fixture that’s left always-on at the (dumb) wall switch.

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You can wire the switch so that it is not actually connected to the load that the bulb is drawing from. It will still send a message to the hub, so the hub can then tell the bulb to turn off. You do need to check your local electrical code, as not all jurisdictions allow that, but most do.

See the FAQ ( this is a clickable link)


Hi Mark,

Sorry, yes, I do have hue bulbs attached to the smart switches now. People were always turning the switch off at the wall to turn the lights off and my scenes were no longer automated for evening. I was hoping with the smart switches I could set them as “always on” in smart things.

Are thae Hues color-changing bulbs, or just the white ones?

Ah, I think I see what you mean now. JD’s suggestion can definitely work, although if what you’re really after is preventing people from turning the switches off, buying smart switches and wiring them up in that manner is kind of an expensive and time-consuming way to accomplish that goal.

There are also cheap plastic covers that can be placed over the wall switches. Some look kinda ugly but I use one on a particular switch I don’t want anyone messing with, I found it on amazon and I think it’s pretty unobtrusive.

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DParker, they are the color ones, I have them set at a temp I like and when they are turned off and back on they reset to the original color. I’d ideally like to have the switch always stay on.

Do they make paddle switches that aren’t smart but have an always on feature or a tricky way to turn them off?


  • Savio

If you check the FAQ that I linked to, there are a number of different options there, including smart switch covers that fit over an existing dumb switch. Those work great, you just leave the dumb switch turned on underneath, but there are buttons on the top piece that you can use for on and off. So there’s a switch where you expect there to be a switch, but the bulb is still always drawing power. Again, details in the FAQ:

Like others mentioned I went with the covers, a much cheaper option. I went with these.


IMO technology should conform to the people using it. Not the other way around. JDRoberts idea of taking the load off the Smart switch I think makes the most sense. All you have to do is move one wire and add 2 Smart Lighting automations to each. 1 to turn on and off the hue bulbs form the switch, and 1 to turn on and off the switch from the hue bulbs. When you’re done people can still use the switch and power stays to the bulb. I have a ceiling fan where the regular lights are controlled this way.