Disable Aeon Labs Multi-Sensor During the day?

I have an Aeon Labs Multi-Sensor that i use to turn on a light using Smart Light Timer. Obviously, I don’t need this to happen during the day. Is there a way to disarm the sensor during specific hours?

Some home automation systems have the idea of disabling an individual sensor. SmartThings does not.

Instead, you get the same result, actually with a lot more flexibility, by setting conditions on the rule that is triggered by the motion sensor.

For example, at my house there is a motion sensor in the bedroom. From 7 AM until sunset, when the mode in the house is “home” there are no rules that use that motion sensor. So it just gets ignored.

At sunset, the mode changes to “night” and at that point, if the motion sensor detects activity, an overhead light comes on in the bedroom. That is because the rule that turns on the overhead light only runs when the mode is “night.”

Then when I go to bed, I change the mode to “asleep” and at that point if the motion sensor detects activity, a soft night light comes on on the wall but the overhead light does not come on. That’s because there is a second rule which turns on the nightlight, and it only runs when the mode is “asleep.”

The motion sensor is “active” the whole time, but since there’s no rule that uses it during the day, nothing happens when it’s triggered.

So the first question is what are you using now to trigger the light from your motion sensor? Is it a routine? Is it a smart lighting automation? Is it A different smart app? Chances are that whatever it is there’s a way of setting a conditional for when it runs, whether it’s mode or time of day or something else. So then you just set those conditionals so you get the different results you want.

There used to be an old smart app that was called “smart light timer”. If that’s the one you’re using, I suggest changing to the newer official feature, “smart lighting” and just setting up the automation the way you want it.

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I was indeed using the “Smart Light Timer” Smart app. I changed it to the “Smart Light” app as you suggest and it does exactly what i want it to.

Thank you for the information!

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