Dimmer switch and zigbee connected bulbs?


I have a scenario where I have a light fixture with 4 cree connected bulbs. I don’t have a good on-off switch for this fixture. I was thinking of installing a GE switch that would be smart enough to turn off/on the connected bulbs. My questions is: Could I use a GE Smart Dimmer Switch to also dim the lights?

That’s exactly what I mean. Even after syncing with CoRE, how could I use
the switch as a dimmer or would this not be possible?

Your Cree bulbs are zigbee, right? Not Wi-Fi.

In any case, one of the advantages of smartthings as a multiprotocol platform is that you can use any switch that works with smartthings and have it control those lights. That’s pretty common. The switch will talk to the hub and the Hub will talk to the lights. (As @anon36505037 mentioned, just don’t have the switch control the current flow to the bulbs. Do the communication wirelessly.)

See the following thread:

Also, this:

As far as using the switch as a dimmer, it works the same way The switches work when they do control the load – – you tap the switch repeatedly to change the dim level, or with a few switches you can press and hold.

So it’s different than the dial that many people are used to for a dimmer, but it’s just the way these switches work because they are digital, not analog.


Correct, I’ll be using a GE smart dimmer switch without the load connected.

This will be controlling 4 cree light bulbs in a fixture. Oops just remembered, these bulbs are actually Phillips hue bulbs.

Sengled element plus are the first bulbs thay are completely certified to be used with majority of regular dimmer switches. Enjoy!!!

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