Different Notification sounds on Android Phone for Open vs Closed?

Hope this is in the right place. I have Installed the multi sensor on front door and set up routines to notify me in Alexa when door opens or closes.
Also notifies on mobile phone.
Is there anyway to be able to assign different notification sounds to different sensor states ( ie open or closed).

Welcome! :sunglasses: we need to ask a few questions first.

  1. What brand and model of mobile phone do you have?

  2. Also, are you using a SmartThings hub, or just the sensor and an Echo Plus? If you have a hub, which model?

Using Samsung galaxy S9, smartthings hub v2, connected to Alexa

Tagging @joshua_lyon , he may know of something.

Are you trying to get different notification sounds on Alexa or on the phone?

For the phone, you could use Tasker to play different sounds for each state of the motion sensor. You could probably do this by parsing out the notification content directly from the SmartThings notification in Tasker or you could certainly use the SharpTools Tasker plugins.