Different DTH for Metering Power Usage?

(Tony B.) #1

I have a SmartThings 2017 Model and it doesn’t have any total Wh (or kWh) on the DH.

Can anyone suggest a better DTH for what I want?

(Dave Gutheinz) #2

If you are talking about the Samsung Outlet, I do not believe it support any energy monitoring functions. Just a simple on and off capability. (There are other physical devices that support energy monitoring functions and work with SmartThings.)

(Tony B.) #3

It’s the 2017 version where I can see the power usage in the blue area while it’s turned on.

(Dave Gutheinz) #4

My mistake. Try the Zigbee Switch Power device handler (in the pull down when you edit “My Devices”. I do not think that they can provide total on the basic handlers. A lot of discussion in the forums on collecting and integrating the data from the device to get a total reading.

(Tony B.) #5

That gives the exact same thing.

No cumulative.

(Dave Gutheinz) #6

I do not believe that cumulative total is a function in the plug (may be wrong). You may be able to find a smart application that collects this data on the refresh cycles and then integrates it into daily totals. Will be somewhat accurate.

I know of one switch that collects and summarizes this data internally.

Reference post.

(Tony B.) #7

Thanks very much!