Did I buy the right switch?

I have 3 way lighting in my living room (see pics), two switches on opposite sides of the room to control. I am trying to find the switches on sale before I go replacing anything more than a few key areas.

I bought this a few weeks ago and just went to install it today and wasn’t able to get it working.

Right now I only want to replace the main switch in the living room since we never use the other one anyway. Is that the right switch for what I want to do? The wiring doesn’t look like what I’ve been reading on the forums so it’s a little confusing.

This is the unused switch that I’m not looking to replace at this time.

This is the one I am trying to replace

Yes, that’s the right switch. Before you hook up the switch. Try to find out your neutral, line hot and load first. You will need it to make it work. Also, you have to disconnect the other dummy switch from the circuit in a smart switch setup. You can’t use dummy switch in a smart switch circuit. You will need an ad on (aux switch) for a 3 ways.

That’s only if I want to replace the other switch I don’t use right?

I tried hooking it all up earlier, but that didn’t work out so well. I had the blue LED light up solid and it would click when the button was pushed, but it did not activate the lights.

You have to disconnect the dummy switch from the circuit.

Edit. If you removed the dummy switch and can’t turn on the light but have the blue indicator led. Then most likely your load is at the unused box.

Ok. I’m not sure how to check that. I assumed since this box had 4 wires as opposed to the 3 the other had, it was the main. I can’t find any info on why there would be two wires going into the line. I assume the white and red wires at the bottom would be the travelers

EDIT: I figured out how to eliminate the 2nd switch. I just don’t know why there are 2 wires going into the common as shows in the pictures or what to do with that wire.

Possible that common is your line hot and the second wire is for another circuit.

It’s to a ceiling fan if that makes a difference. Anyway…I know the black wire ie the line…but how do I get the load? the other wires are the travelers…the neutral is inside the box…just dont know where to get the load.

Sounds to me like you need to do a little reading and investigation on which wiring type you have


The load is from the common screw at the unused switch. From the picture. It looks like a black wire is your load. You can connect that to one of the traveler wire and use that for a load back to your master box switch.

Got it. I had read that somewhere else but wasn’t positive. Thanks I’ll try it tomorrow

Not likely, but easy to check: at some point (shipping, installation, not for sure) the airgap switch on my GE had been toggled. Thankfully, I hadn’t installed it into the wall yet, but it took me a couple minutes worth of double checking my wiring before I found the culprit.

I got it all figured out. I just bought the add on and I stalled both. Works fine, but now I realize it was a waste of time and money. We NEVER turn the fan off. The switch controls the fan and light together. I have ge smart bulbs there. It’s more convenient to pull the cord to turn out the lights rather than opening smart tiles. I think I’m just gonna take it all a part.

I decided to move these switches to my hallway since we always use the fan in the LR and they’re controlled together.

Now I’m running into another problem. There’s only a neutral in 1 of 2 of the hallway boxes. Living room had neutral in both. I’m under the impression that both switches need a neutral right ? Any ways around my issue ?