Devolo Home Control wireless switch

I like the form factor on this a lot. I’m assuming that it’s battery operated. And it is a certified Zwave device.


The problem is that it’s what is called a “scene controller” and it uses a number of Z wave command classes that are not supported by SmartThings. My guess is that it won’t work with SmartThings in the way the manufacturer intends, although you might be able to get basic on/off of one button.

You could try using a custom device type similar to what some people in the U.S. have done for the Leviton VRCS2 wired two button switch. But no guarantees that it will work, and it may be fussy to set up.


If you can get products from the U.S., you could consider this SmartenIT three toggle switch, which I like a lot, and does work well with SmartThings. This is also a battery-operated switch, but it communicates with the hub by zigbee, so the same switch can be used with either the US frequency hub or the European frequency hub as zigbee is the same for both.

It works by sending a request to the hub which then sends the request to whatever and device you’re trying to control, so it does fine with controlling either zwave or zigbee devices in a SmartThings setup. But they don’t have a European distributor, and I know that can be a problem. (“SmartenIT” in Europe is a completely different organization which does not manufacture devices.)

So at least something of a similar form can be used with SmartThings, although you may have to keep looking to find one that is sold in Europe.


I also have hopes that the new Phillips zigbee wall switch, part of the “dimmer kit”, Will eventually be able to be used with SmartThings in a fashion similar to the SmartenIt 3 toggle switch. But the Phillips device was just released this month, and is not yet available in the US, and we may just have to wait a few months to see whether that will work or not.


As long as you buy the Devolo from a place with a good return policy, you could always try and see if it works. But if it doesn’t work right away, I suspect the issue will be the zwave scene controller commands, and that’s not always something that can be resolved.


This will be obvious to a lot of people, but to those new to home automation it may not be, so I’m just going to go ahead and mention it.

This type of battery-operated switch can communicate directly with the SmartThings hub. And the hub can communicate directly with smart bulbs, so it’s easy to imagine a scenario where you push a button on the switch and the light goes on.

What the battery-operated switches do not do is control the current on the line to a wired fitting/fixture. So they can’t give you control over a ceiling lamp with dumb bulbs in it.

So you can’t just buy a battery-operated switch, put it on the wall, and expected to control existing ceiling lamps.

Again, that’s probably obvious to most people reading the forum, but I just wanted to mention it for new people. Some people are looking for battery-operated switches so they don’t have to touch the existing wiring, which is fine, but then the controlled lights have to either be smart bulbs or be lamps that are plugged into smart wall plugs.

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