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What are people using for light level detection, ie lumens? My control4 / card access zigbee motion sensors have a light level that I use to set light levels in a room. This is a huge power saver and really takes HA to a new level.

Without light level detection in a room, setting a light to 75% could just be wasted light and power.

Setting a light to 100% from complete darkness after 2am is wasted, since I don’t want all that light at that time of night.

Would be awesome if the smartthings motion sensor had light level detection / reporting, did I miss it?


@pstuart use the Aeon Multi for lumen/lux measurement.

Ive also heard rumblings about Fibaro motion support sometime in the future.


  1. Doorbell I would wire your existing doorbell switch into a contact closure on a MIMOlite or RS100HC or even Arduino Shield.
  2. The foscam code works for me, but its still photo right now.
  3. I would love to see iTunes integration or some other spotify like player on my computer. If you can find anything that uses httpget and httppost REST API then you may get somewhere.
  4. I am still rooting for the Remotec ZXT-300
  5. Build a keypad with an arduino!


Aeon Multi is supported:

Sorry I should have been more verbal. I was replying to @pstuart’s request for light level detection. I was saying to do it with an Aeon.

The MYQ integration is already done. Just a fyi


Yep I’ve had it and it works great!! Thanks for the heads up, that post was a while ago.


Thanks, @docwisdom!
I appreciate all the ideas, but I am not quite knowledgeable enough to get into the making my own apps side of things. But thanks anyway for taking the time.

Thanks, @docwisdom!
I have been using this wired to my doorbell:

I was more just making the suggestion that a doorbell would be a great addition to the SmartThings hardware line.

As for the rest of your responses, I’m not quite knowledgeable enough to pull off the coding/building necessary.
Thanks again for taking the time though!

VisonSecurity Shock Sensor ZS5101 Cannot program action on SmartThings Hub

@Johnny_Davy Using a door/window sensor as a doorbell :open_mouth: ? What magic is this?

@kmugh it has contacts that you can wire a button to to trigger the sensor. So basically, you take a doorbell button and wire each wire to the door bell then to the contacts on this. When you push the button it triggers the device like and open/close event.

@mattjfrank, Ah, I see. I have one of the old school doorbells (24V, solenoid type). Can the everspring sensor support this voltage? Also, I am assuming you wire the sensor in parallel with the doorbell button.

Wow, you and I are on same wavelength… no pun intended. Here’s my newbie ideas. I’d develop them myself if someone would kindly point me in the right direction.

Device: My local HVAC guy gave me a great deal on Honeywell TotalConnect thermostat but could not get Z-wave model.
Application: I just want it to turn on AC when temp is above a threshold (based on single of various sensors) and turn on Furnace when temp is below similar threshold.

Device: Foscam IP Cameras: you can buy these things cheap on eb@y,1s@le, etc.
Application: PTZ control mostly. Switch to position/zoom presets upon trigger from door/window/other sensor and send video to mobile app/DVR/FTP. I use another app for Android to do this, but controls over https suck over the internet, I’d rather ST took care of some logic an API controls locally (LAN).

Device: NAS (I have Seagate NAS drive and my Router has USB NAS solutions (ASUS router).
Application: Can we take a camera feed and either store video or a series of pictures on a network drive? This may be part of the That of ITTT project…see DVR reference in same post.

Device: DLink Ip Camera (PM me for model, happy to test code). Another cheap internet camera, without the DVR but has a built in wifi extender.
Application: This camera seems to have good motion triggering, but the android app is never quite quick enough to catch my trigger. (I’m trying to catch which of my 3 cats is peeing on the couch, but a more common app would be to record for 30 seconds after a door/window opens). Would be nice to intercept the API trigger for motion and trigger DVR capture.

Device: Combo of motion sensors (camera, motion, or other) and SmartSence Presence Sensors.
Application: If everyone in house is upstairs, I want thermostat controlled based on upstairs sensor readings. If everyone leaves the TV room, trigger lights or other events. Room level granularity. I’d buy a sensor in each room ($$$) to support.

Device: Yamaha RX-V773 9505C6.
Application: Not sure what the API supports, but volume control and input switching would be nice actions for other triggers. (Enter room, set away, etc) I can do much of this from the web GUI… (http API that doesn’t change much)

Device: Polycom VVX500 (VOIP Phone) More API’s than ____…
Application: Can display a video feed. say of exterior camera when someone is at the front door(motion, camera, doorbell). then initiate an audio chat session (if IP cam supports, see above Foscam).

Device: Speaking of doorbells…can we get an in-line z-wave trigger that installs on my existing doorbell (I don’t need the pushbutton, so maybe two options).
Application: This can trigger events for recording, cameras, PTZ presets, VOIP sessions, door locks, etc. I.E. do I have to go downstairs to answer the doorbell if its just the UPS guy dropping off a package?

Device: Oh yeah, this is why I got into home automation in the first place. Can someone please make a specific “driver” for Yale touchpad locks.
Application: I’m tired of the device telling me it’s unlocked. Someone on the forums has a fix, but I’m not geek enough to implement, so would appreciate a published solution. Also would be nice to have triggers based on codes… if code 1 used, then action x, if code 2 used, then action y…

I’ve got time and motivation if someone has a lead on any of the above ideas they care to share.



Im a Newbie - But heres some things I want to work on as soon as I get all of my light switches and outlets converted:

  1. My-Q - I saw the post about the new device type, gotta try that one out
  2. Alarm System Integration. I have hardwired door and window sensors on all of my crawlspace and first floor windows and doors. I don’t want to have to add a second set just for ST/HA monitoring. I have a Honeywell Vista-20P panel. I am trying to figure out how to integrate something like the AD2USB with a ST hub.
  3. Irrigation Systems - I’d like to be able to control my RainBird Irrigation System from ST/Home Kit

Check out this thread:

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SNMP support for local network devices would be nice, I use it to manage 100s of network and environment monitors at work. There are lots of devices that support it.

Since “Find on Page” (CTRL-F) functionality is broken on this site, I can’t easily do a search to see if this is already listed:

Enerwave ZWN-BPC Z-wave Ceiling Mounted, Battery Powered PIR Sensor


And the biggest missing item is, of course, multiple Global Modes. Sometime a single set of Home/Away modes just doesn’t cut it.


  1. Thoughts on Modes
  2. Mode Sets or Global State Variables