Devices not updating

I bought the SmartThings 2.0 Hub along with a ton of devices: Multi-Sensor, leak detector, smoke & carbon monoxide alarms, etc…

My initial testing with these devices looked great, but it’s been a couple weeks now and I went to check the temperature of my garage (Multi-Sensor) and noticed the sensor hasn’t sent an update to my Hub in weeks. I went out to the garage and shook the sensor, but no updates. Please help me understand the expected behavior here. How often should it update if it’s kept motion-less?

What do I need to fix my update issue? In the Android phone app, I see the sensor and see a temperature along with other data after a long loading delay. The “Recently” activity is now empty after weeks without data. Sometimes this screen gives me an error indicating there are network issues, but I can browse the internet perfectly using the WiFi connection on my phone.

Lastly, is there a way to check-in on my devices from a Web/PC browser?

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Sounded like your multi sensor could be out of range. If it’s a z-wave sensor. Try doing a z wave repair. Zigbee, unplug your hub 15 mins. As for how often it updates. It should updates whenever there is motion or temp change by a degree?

Thanks for the replies everyone. I’ll check out the SmartTiles very soon.

As for the out of range… My MultiSensor is definitely out of range from my Hub, but I have ZCOMBO devices installed in every room of the home. I thought they would repeat the signal to my hub…?

Battery operated devices are not repeaters. Maybe a wall plugin between your hub and sensor?

Good to know. Learning a lot here.
I’m thinking about adding some WiFi outdoor cameras that should be in range of the hub. They would act as a repeater, right?

Also where can I learn more about how the cameras would work? I want to set it up to take a snapshot triggered on motion. But, where would the images be stored? Local/Cloud? I don’t want to pay for a monthly service.

ZigBee repeats only for ZigBee. Zwave repeats only for zwave. WiFi repeats for no one! Mwahahaha! (Sorry, engineer joke. But the not repeating part is true.)

See the FAQ