Devices not available in WebCore

I know your initial answer will be 'Make sure you added them to Webcore from ST -> SmartApps -> WebCore -> Settings -> Available Devices

That has been done. In the Goovey/IDE the devices say that they are available to both Alexa and Webcore.

In Use By
Amazon Alexa

Alexa can discover them, but they dont appear in Webcore. Any idea why these devices (all lights) are not being available in WebCore?

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just checking that you looked --> settings > available devices > available devices > under select devices by capability > group 1-3

I dont have anything that says ‘group’. The page I get to says
Select devices by capability
if you cannot find a device by type, you may try looking for it by capability below

Which aceeleration sensors
tap to set

Which adjustable color lights
All selected

… and it goes down from there

Am I missing an upgrade to webcore or something?

what version do you have installed?

What’s the brand and model of the missing devices?

Brand - both Hue and Sylvania. Both appear in ST as devices and Alexa, just not making it to Webcore

Version - 3.110.20191009 – WHICH I just did a manual update with, but it is odd its from October

at the bottom of the screen, below select devices by capabilty. group 1-3

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Dont have that …



Select by capability

Each are distinct links, no groups

login to Ide and make sure all 4 of your webcore smartapps show the same version of 10/09/2019 >>> v0.3.110.20191009. just click on the name to open them

it should appear near the top. two will be a little harder to notice the version but it will be there

you may have solved it … I only have

WebCore Piston

Am I supposed to have Dashboard and Storage? I see that in manual update wiki, but dont have that in the IDE


yes, there are 4. You can manually add the other two

Let me try this …

I have the three groups now … Thanks … Adding devices now.

Are there some nifty new items with Dashboard/Storage ?

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it is strange you have not encountered problems before now with those two missing

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I dont think I added devices in a while.
So the devices are now showing up … that large array of categories is a bit confusing with devices appearing in multiple, need to check I selected everything, but really appreciate this!

most were backend improvements.

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