Device to turn normal wireless doorbell into ST enabled doorbell

Is there a device that I could install in my current doorbell chime, that when the chime is activated it triggers a Z-Wave switch or something to let my ST Hub know that the doorbell button has been pushed?
I’m ok with having to solder stuff to make it work.


I actually looked into this previously but never engaged on it…the Fibaro Open/Close door sensor has wired inputs that can be used to register pushed/not pushed.

I use the Sage part of this post (and the Blink, but it’s not required). The Sage works perfectly!


If your chime generates enough vibration you might be able to use a smartthings multi and alert on vibration using an app or probably an ST stock app.


I used what @eibyer suggested and it works well. I get a notification when it goes off. Only trouble I’ve had is if the wind catches the door and slams it shut, it vibrates the doorbell and sends me a notification - not the end of the world.


So does the Z-Wave Schlage or equivalent. I am using a NuTone button wired to one now. I have also heard of placing the door sensor inside the chime so it picks up the magnetic field of the strikers.

Through the magic of CoRE, the doorbell plays the Aeon Doorbell custom sound track, flashes a light and sends me a push message.

The multi didn’t work for me, too many false rings.

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I found that this device works most reliably.

Sage Doorbell sensor.


unfortunately the Sage sensor seems to be out of stock and has been for the past month. Unsure about availability at this time.

Worth the wait.

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It is definitely worth the wait. Before I was pulling my hair trying to get my house to tell me if someone rang the doorbell. And now I get an Alert and a photo. And I don’t need that expencive DropCam or that useless Samsung HD camera.

2 weeks ago, I followed a thread by @Darwin using the Nexia DB100Z Z-Wave doorbell sensor to integrate with ST. I ordered it on Amazon and it arrived in a couple days with prime shipping. While this device didn’t get great reviews on Amazon and has been reported to not work with “quick” doorbell presses, I have found it to work perfectly in my home. I installed Darwin’s handler first, then set up the Nexia device, paired it with my v2 hub and it was properly set up as a doorbell (button).

I did have to upgrade my transformer (and doorbell) to provide a higher voltage for the Nexia device to operate, but this took me all of about an hour to do.

As @bridaus mentioned, I have also integrated my front door Blink camera with the pressing of a button through CoRE which also sends a push notification as soon as the button is pushed. The system works great and retains the look of a normal front door, which keeps the wife happy.

The Sage product might be a better option, but if you’re having a hard time finding them or need it working right away, this alternative might work for you as well.


This is good to hear, i’ll definitely look into this. The reviews about the missed “quick” doorbell presses was putting me off but I guess I won’t know until I try.

Where can you get the Sage unit?

Sage unit still unavailable. I was referring to giving the Nexia unit a try.

Got mine here:

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I believe Sage is out of stuck due in part to ST users using their product.

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Sage by Huges is no longer, they were probably letting stock deplete as well.

R.I.P Sage by Huges. Their Door Bell product was a great idea. I hope someone keeps it on sale as a third party product.
It certainly makes a difference to my house as I get notifications from my house that someone rang my front/back doors.and takes a photo of my deck for me.

I just ordered a Nexia DB100Z Z-Wave doorbell sensor and it should be here Friday. I’m currently using a vibration sensor to detect the doorbell pushes. It works but because it’s taped to one of the ‘bells’ so it can sense the vibrations, it deadens the sound of that bell and sounds a bit odd. If this works for me, it’d avoid that issue.

It seems to me that wiring this to the transformer in the basement would avoid the aesthetics issue of mounting it near the bell in the hall upstairs. Unless I’m missing something, mounting it near the transformer should work. Any opinion?