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Device Handler for On/Off + Dimmer + Presence switch?

(Mike) #1

Does anyone have any links to such a device?



Since presence is a binary capability, it maps fine with switch, which is also a binary capability. But I don’t think you’ll be able to mix a dimmer in there and get appropriate control. What’s the use case you’re trying to accomplish?

(Mike) #3

I created a Simulated Dimmer to work with WebCore to control an amplifier but I want to create a routine with Alexa to have it start music once the presence sensor is triggered. Since Alexa can only use sensors and not ST switches on/off status, I’m stuck trying to make this work. I could make a separate virtual sensor that gets triggered with my Webcore piston but I’m cluttering up my ST app with all these virtual switches. Trying to clean things up with an all in one.

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(Steve Jackson, USA, Shard 1) #5

I think Mike has pulled all his code from his repo. Isn’t he involved in Hubitat?

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Mike’s DTH only worked with binary state capabilities. Not dimmers.


Yes, he’s on staff there now.

(Mike) #8

Thanks. I guess there isn’t one that’s also a dimmer. I think I have a workaround with Echo Speaks incorporated into my Webcore piston. But if anyone comes up with something please let me know.

Appreciate it.

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