Device Handler for Kwikset 914 Zigbee, for v2 hub and new SmartThings app 2018?

Is there a device handler for the Kwikset 914 Zigbee lock that works with the v2 hub and new 2018 SmartThings app? I can’t get the “Universal Enhanced ZigBee Lock” device handler to work. TIA!

try the ST stock ZigBee Lock DTH :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. The ST DH works but it only locks/unlocks. It doesn’t access advanced features such as add/delete user codes, one-time-use codes, codes valid only within specific timeframes, etc… The advanced features are really what I’m looking for.

There are two device handlers available, ZigBee Lock and ZigBee Lock without Codes. Make sure you’re using the ZigBee Lock device handler.

Once that’s done you’ll need a compatible SmartApp to program your codes. You can use the built in SmartLocks app with SmartThings for basic code programming (if you forget the code you’ll have to delete and recreate it) or (if you have access to RBoy Apps) a more advanced app like Lock User Management which allows you create many different types of codes (scheduled, expiration, one time, mode, presence etc), and lets you see/change codes through an UI amongst other features.

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Has this been confirmed to work with the new gen 3 hub and new SmartThings iOS app?

I don’t see this working with the new SmartThings app, even with the Zigbee Lock device handler. I’d love to be able to do this via the app as well. I can only lock/unlock the device in the app. I can’t even rename the device without logging into the API via the web.

Which app are you using?

SmartLocks currently only works with the Classic app. The advanced app, LUM, works with the new app (requires the Classic app to install it thereafter you can access it via the new app)