Developers site down


Cannot connect to developers site right now.

Actually my SmartApps stopped working last night as well.
Simulator produced strange error message about Spring framework and then crashed.

Filtrete 3M-50 Wi-Fi Thermostat. Version 2.0 Released 12/17/2016

I’ve been in and working for the last 30 minutes or so. No problems on my end yet (East Coast).


Now running fine (Seoul, Korea)


Still seeing strange behaviors.

  1. When trying to set the location and install, I get the following error:

“ Access is denied” on the error message console, and
"Simulator is not currently running…" on the simulation section.


That’s odd because I’ve been using the site since well before your post without issues, so I recommend contacting support for more help.

(Beckwith) #6

I get this error when attempting to change device types:

500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Tue Nov 18 00:53:49 UTC 2014
No such property: show for class: physicalgraph.device.DeviceController

I contracted support.

(Todd Wackford) #7

I’m good here. Just edited some code and even submitted for review and release. No problem-o


(Beckwith) #8

I’ll try rebooting my hub since motion is not triggering some devices…

(Beckwith) #9

After rebooting my hub, I still get the 500 error when attempting to change device types. Sent another e-mail to support in hopes they have an answer.

(Nate Schwartz) #10

I thought I was doing something wrong. I am getting that exact same springframework error. It only happens if I try to test a smartapp using a virtual device. If I select an actual device everything works fine. This was my first attempt playing with the IDE so I just assumed I was screwing something up.

(Linda Thomas-Fowler) #12

I tried to create a device from the ide this morning and while it created it it also gave me an http 500 error.

Simulator Not running for example apps
(Beckwith) #13


Please contact support. I sent two e-mails to support with no response.

(Linda Thomas-Fowler) #14

@beckwith, I have. Hopefully they can resolve this soon.

(Darc Ranger) #15

I sent a ticket in a few minute ago,and receive a response that they see a few reports and are investigating. They hope to have it resolved ASAP and will let me know via email.

I glad this is not a issue just for me, thinking I screwed something up.

(Aaron) #16

I’m also having trouble but I’m a newb so I don’t know if I am just doing something wrong. Support asked for steps to reproduce and a screenshot . . . which I provided just now.

(Ron S) #17

Just tried creating a SmartApp and get the error: Access is denied

(Beckwith) #18

Support got back to me and say they are working on it.

(Aaron) #19

has anyone heard any updates? I have not. I am sitting on my very first SmartApp and anxious to give a go on the simulator. Might just have to just test it on the metal :wink:

(Andrew Mager) #20

Give it a shot and let us know if you run into any issues. I just successfully created a test SmartApp.

(Mike Maxwell) #21

500 errors on device creation are now gone…

I take that back, went back and updated the same device, still getting this:
Error500: Internal Server ErrorURI/device/updateReference Id3e9ae085-a687-4b9e-af56-c81a52343741DateTue Nov 18 20:34:51 UTC 2014Classgroovy.lang.MissingPropertyExceptionMessageNo such property: show for class: physicalgraph.device.DeviceController