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I am new to smarting comminity. I have installed a Schlage lock and I am trying to get the full functionallity with the ability to program codes. I saw a YouTube video on how to do this but I need to do it in developer tools. I have been unable to get into developer tools. I have changed my profile to add developer and I still can’t get in. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Where are you trying to get in to? By “developer tools”(?) I assume the IDE which is

Now to what you are trying to do… There are several option. A common one used it User Lock Manager. Check out this post.

Thank you for the reply. Let me display my ignorance. I have been using smart things through an app on my phone. I have never used the web. I looked at your post and I cannot see the ability to add anything through my phone. I have a profile here but it is not attached to my hub. How do I get to the hub via web?


Graph.api.smartthings will not let me in with the password I have for the community.


You may have to set it up or register. I can’t remember the process, but I had a similar issue for a while.

I have a different password for the community compared to the IDE because the password restrictions are different…

I tried to register and it says the email is taken.


I seem to remember having that issue as well. Try recovering your password from the API?

May also be worth opening a ticket with support. I keep forgetting that my password are out of sync…

Thats because its your email… How did you log on to your mobile app. Use the same email and password.

not the same thing. You need to use your ST account email/password. The one you setup when you first setup your hub

Well you can and (eventually) will but you are not there yet. First you need to get into the IDE. Then, follow the instructions contained within the tread I linked above

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Any body know if the Schlage FE599. Will work lock manager. I have been unable to get it to work. Can’t get into the app.



Please be more specific.

Isn’t available on your mobile?
Error adding Lock Manager to mobile?
Error when opening Lock Manager ?
Error when setting preferences in Lock Manager