Determining presence in 2-factor sequence


I’ve got this huge err… How do you say it in English…? Not gate… Metal curtain? (See pictures) at the office…

I’m currently using the mobile presence to detect when I’m in the house…

But! Right next to it, there’s this cinema… And I usually go there after work…

I was thinking… Could it be possible for the system to detect that I’m in the house when both my presence is detected AND the gate opens?

I’m attaching a link to a Google photos album…


Thanks people!!

Simple answer. Yes you can. But it will take a little bit of customization. If it was me I would put a contact sensor on the gate. Then I would use CoRE (communities own rule engine) to have a piston that works like this:
If “” is present
The gate is open
(Pretty much whatever you want)
Ex. Using location…
Set smart home monitor to disarm
Using location…
Send Push notification ( or SMS if multiple people have access and you only want the message)