Detecting 120V power ON and sending an alarm to my phone via SmartThings

I want to get a remote alarm when my oil burner stops working for any reason, other than being switched off. When an unexpected glitch stops the oil burner, so 120V power comes onto the reset button switch light. I want to be able to connect to that light, detect when it is ON (burner is OFF), and get an alarm message via SmartThings. What ST device can I connect in parallel to that light that will connect via my home WiFi to the ST hub to send me an alarm?

You need a device that will open/close a set of dry contacts based on the presence of 120VAC. Like this:

Then piggyback a device that has a set of dry contacts that will talk to your hub. I know you mentioned WiFi, but I’m using a Zwave contact sensor for that.

Thanx, Bryan – I’ll check those out.

Will the latter item actually send me an alarm via the ST hub, or just be visible when I check its status remotely?

If an indicator light triggers when a fault happens, you could use a light sensor designed for indicators. HomeSeer HS-FS100-L Z-Wave Dual Sensor & Buzzer

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You cannot just use the latter. You need both pieces. The first one detects the power outage and the second one connects that event to Smartthings.

It sounds like you may not have a hub. If you can find a Wi-Fi sensor that does the same thing, you may not need a hub, so long as the sensor will connect to SmartThings.

Regarding the notification, you can get whatever notification Smartthings will natively provide, such as an app notification or a text message

Oh, I did recognize that you indicated both items to be used together, and I do have a ST hub. I just didn’t know that I could prescribe to get a notification upon a ST device event.

I have just ordered the relay. I’m holding off on ordering the door/window sensor, because I already have a ST door/window sensor and will try that first.

Thanx for your help on this.

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Device events work very well in Smartthings. I have an event that triggers if i leave my garage door open for more than 30 minutes. It even sends me a text message!

Thanx, Marc - that will be good news.
I just checked my mobile app but couldn’t find anything related to “device events” notifications. Can you please describe how to navigate to that capability on the mobile app?

ok, i did this a long time ago and just looked into how i did it. Apparently this was the “customer monitors” feature from the old “classic” app that was migrated over for only those who already had it. However, you can do a similar thing using the “routines” feature (on the Automations tab).

It’s very simple. Create a Routine, and in the THEN block select Notify Someone.

The notification that comes from a routine that is trying to be a custom monitor is lacking at best. The notification from a custom monitor, for example temperature, looks like this…

Extreme temperature of 77 has been detected in the Living Temperature.

Living Temperature is the name of the sensor, and the temp of 77 changes dynamically with the actual temp. So when it goes to 78 the notification says:
Extreme temperature of 78 has been detected in the Living Temperature. (etc…)

A routine doesn’t give notifications like that. The routines do not display the actual temperature, making you have to open the app or action tiles to see what the actual temp that trigger the alert is.

Custom monitors are superior to routines in this way. Mine are still working so far…

I thank you all for continuing to provide possible solutions to my situation.
Lexis - a ‘custom monitor’ such as _____?

I used a Zooz relay for something similar. It was a warning light connected to a dumb relay that lit when a circuit breaker tripped.

Thanx, Arthur – I’ll explore to see if I can weave this into a solution.


Custom Monitors are a Smart App that SmartThings allowed you to install in the previous version of the app, when you could still install smart apps. The “routines” you could setup in it were highly customizable. Unfortunately, I do not know of a way to install it anymore. I still have it because I had it installed when I migrated to the new app years ago. This is one of the MANY features smartthings has removed over the years. I started with smartthings in 2017 and what we have now is limited compared to what we used to have. We’ll see if they get removed in 12 days. If so, that might be the last straw for me with smartthings as those custom monitors are very important to my overall smart home setup.