[DEPRECATED] Trigger Happy!

@slagle wants you to create “Rule Happy Trigger Machine”. It creates rules for you before you even know you need them. :wink:


Wow, this and rule machine. Very cool indeed.

And together they are more powerful than anything I’ve seen from the ST core.


We know you are the man behind smart light apps. Now make @bravenel two apps local and we will make you king of the community again.


This is our struggle.

Making it non-tech savvy friendly but also providing meaningful automations for the tech savvy, its a hard middle ground to find. :frowning:

In comes rule machine, trigger happy, Alexa Helper (@MichaelS), and others to save the day! We thank people like @bravenel for it! :slight_smile: This is why the community is so awesome, it allows the uber savvy to get what they need! :smile:


Wait… ST has integration with Uber now? Where??? :wink:


LOL. Request an Uber if you open your closet on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, between 7:00 PM and 11:00 PM, and the wife’s presence sensor is away from my location!

Keeping it on topic, this is really nice @bravenel. As someone coming from Wink, one of the things I found hard and weird was how you needed to use different SmartApps if you wanted different triggers. This should make it easier (fingers crossed)

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Totally awesome! I like how Trigger Happy will be useful for simple evaluations and actions. Many of my simpler lighting automations will fit into this Smart app well. This and Rule Machine are perfect for what I’d designate a non-developer power user (e.g. me). I’ve wanted to create a lot of actions based on logic but didn’t have the coding savvy to do so.

That’s the idea. No more little custom apps, that only a few people know how to write.


That’s very noble and we are very greatful for @tslagle13 and his legacy. Now, can @slagle help his brotheren to get these awsome apps a slice of the local processing?


I’m just curious. Let’s say someone updated ‘Rule’ and accidentally published it? (I would never do this of course) What would the impact be?

I fixed it right away but I could see me doing this and not realizing it at the time.

I accidentally published mine. To my knowledge has no effect, except you could accidentally try to create an instance of child rule without it’s parent. You know what children do without parents around. Run amok.

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Last time I did that, I could no longer update Rule. That is, I could edit it and save, but those changes would not show up. I don’t know if that’s because I was editing it, or if that would happen to everybody. What I had to do was uninstall Rule Machine (and all of the Rules go with), delete the Rule app in the IDE, and then start over. Obviously, that can be pretty painful if you have a lot of Rules setup.

Perhaps someone could let us know if this is how they see it working / not. The IDE should be smart enough to not Publish a child app, but it’s not!

I think once you publish it you have to keep publishing it. That’s what I do. It works.

HaHa, I never tried that! When I’m developing the code, I can literally see something in the UI that I want to change, edit the source in the IDE, and hit Save. Then, right then, I can see the change in the app while it’s running. That makes it easy to move forward quickly, and makes it super hard to test if I don’t have the device in question – can’t see it if I can’t select it…

For some reason, I thought I was on reddit, and I was trying to find a way to gift you gold. I got frustrated at why I couldn’t find the button, and realized I was on community site instead.

Holy crap Bruce, these two SmartApps are amazing! Thanks for improving my life just now.


Related to this, I just had an unpleasant experience. I was setting up my first trigger, realized I goofed up, and hit Uninstall. It uninstalled okay, unfortunately, it uninstalled all my Rule Machine rules too! Rule Machine was nowhere to be found in My Home > SmartApps. I’m guessing that you probably reused some code from Rule Machine when creating this? Can you verify that the Uninstall is pointing to the right place?

I should add, I was doing this during the partial ST outage this afternoon, so it’s possible it has nothing to do with these smartapps.

Trigger Happy is crashing the SmartThings Android app when “Create New Trigger” is tapped.
Trigger crashes as soon as it loads. “An unexpected error has occurred”.

***Update: Trigger Happy opened after running it for the 5th time. Not sure why.

My guess is that was today’s platform issue. A lot of people had crashes in the mobile app just moving from screen to screen, not creating anything new. Outage confirmed on the status page.

The app works perfectly now!! THANKS!!! Within 4 minutes I now have my theater lights dimmed to 20% when my projector is turned on!!