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The Gentle Wake Up SmartApp from ST adds a “controller” called Gentle Wake Up to the list of Things, which acts like a switch there. You can turn on this “thing” to trigger Gentle Wake Up to start its dimming routine. However I can’t figure out how to expose this controller to webCoRE. Normally I would go to webCoRE settings and select Available Devices and Contacts and then I expect to find it in Available Devices (actuators or sensors). However it doesn’t show up in any of them. How can I expose this so that I can write my own Piston logic to trigger this “switch” to turn on when conditions are right?

EDIT: It was under Switches. Thanks guys!

Chris, one of the best explanations for triggers and conditions I’ve seen since using webcore. I agree with Ady624…maybe you should be writing the wiki!

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I know this thread says “Deprecated,” but I’m couldn’t find a current webCore piston help so I’m going to post this here. I’m having issues with wait timers. I have several pistons in the following format:

Switch #1
Turn On;
Wait X minutes;
Turn Off;
end with;
end execute;

The lights always turn on, but the wait timer seems to rarely work and the lights stay on until I manually turn them off. Any ideas, or is this a known issue? In the logs, I see that the piston is setting up the scheduled job but that scheduled job doesn’t seem to kick off most of the time. FWIW, I had this piston running in CoRE and it always worked.

please post your question in the webcore forum.


Thanks - yeah, I just found that forum.

Anyone use this SmartApp with WebCoRE? If so, can you share your experience? This bridges the Vista20P alarm panels (Honeywell) to ST…[RELEASE] Honeywell / Ademco Vista 20P Integration

As has been said before, post this in the new shiny webCoRE forum.

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I’m not seeing this either. I believe it’s possible to be added, because it appears within the ST Smart Home Monitor, there’s a way to take certain actions after it goes into “intrusion” mode. Can this be added to to “Smart Home Status?” As of now, I see the options of disarmed,armed/stay, and armed/away. webCoRE is awesome.

Hey I’ve been meaning to get back to you on this one. Unfortunately, it never turns the lights off. Any ideas on how to fix?

on line 23 for the with statement, change TCP to never.

Looks like it’s working thanks!

you are welcome.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to use the Time virtual device with the presets for Sunrise and Sunset as part of the If? Additionally, i think you have your 15 before/after reversed. SteMac asked about 15 before sunset not after.

I have a motion sensor with luminosity feature.
I can use it in Core but not in Webcore. It does not show in the list

Any ideas?

Have you defined it in webCoRE as a luminous sensor.

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It was selected as motion sensor only.
It worked now after selecting as Illuminance.
It is a custom DH for Xiaomi.


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Yes, I thought that might be the case.
Have fun. :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I’m getting very inconstant alerting on my back patio’s motion. I know this is a sensor DTH issue but I’m trying to compensate for it in WebCoRE until I can get a workaround for the false alerts.

I’m looking to get the motion trigger to fire after 3 seconds of motion then send an alert stating there was active motion.
Based off the active motion trigger above, I’m trying to alert when the motion stops.

In the below rule I have the back patio motion set but the inactive alert isn’t looking at the previous active motion.

How do I get the inactive motion to only fire if the active motion alert fired?



Hi Bobby:
My First post. I´ll appreciate your help.

My piston do the following:

A momentary button check if any of a lot of bulbs are on (when is pushed). If there is at least one on, he turn off all the lights.
If all the lights are off, he turn on all of them.
What really happen: Sometimes turn on the off lights and viceversa, and sometimes work fine.

Some idea??

Thanks a lot!


Thanks Robin.

Do you know what’s the difference?