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shouldn’t it be possible to set an initial value of negative something to a decimal variable?


Thanks, submitted an issue in the github repo. Will be looking into how to implement it and get a PR going for @ady624

piston logs seem to come back on next view of the piston even when cleared with no new warnings or errors. is there some method to clearing the piston logs?


Cab webCoRE or SmartThings receive an HTTP request to trigger something? For example, I have an ISY connected to my INSTEON network that receives HTTP requests from SmartThings to trigger things to happen, I am hoping I can go the other direction as well?


Need more help…

Building out a piston to replace a core piston… this one is responsible for syncing some virtual switches I use to multiple physical themostats and provide feedback via a message confirming any state changes…

I have it built out with loops to ensure all things actually get set properly, but none of them seem to be getting to the point where I am getting the messages…

Of course I wish it to work, but also wish to improve it if anyone has suggestions to make it better…

Maybe same thing as what you’re trying to do…

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Thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for! Problem is, I have now researched to send a web request from the ISY, and apparently you have to purchase a $50 add-on module to do that. Total extortion. I’ll just stick with having Stringify handle the communication between the two for me. (Was just hoping to ‘remove the middle man’ as it were, but not worth $50.)

So here is the core… I am trying to create a singular virtual switch (downstairs lights) to control all the lights downstairs, the premises of the core is as follows:

  1. If any of X Lights turn on AND any of X lights are on


  1. Save X lights to {downstairs_on} and set piston state to {downstairs_on} as of {$time} and turn on downstairs lights.

  2. If Downstairs Lights turn off


  1. Turn off {downstairs_on} and set piston to “All downstairs lights should be off”.

The first part of the piston works meaning the piston state displays the lights that are on and if any change occurs to my downstairs lights then the virtual switch turns on.

However, when I turn off Downstairs Lights no lights turn off.

I’m attempting to create a simple piston to turn my lights on at sunset and then turn my eaves lights off at midnight and my mailbox light off at sunrise. The lights turn on, but they aren’t turning off. I’ve tried to mimic the examples, but it’s not working out for me. Any suggestions?

Cool, thanks! :smile: I can’t wait to try it out. I wish Smartthings hadn’t gone down for maintenance right when I had time play around with it :frowning:

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First time using webCoRE and I am having some trouble getting a piston to work the same as I had it in CoRE.

I am looking to set a local variable but do not see what statement allows this to be done in the editor. In the screenshot attached you’ll see the local variable autoHallwayLights which the statements looks examines during the IF, but I also need to set it at certain points within the statement during the THEN portion. Can someone enlighten me on how to accomplish this?

@thames When you select an action, it pops up with location as a default, and if you click that it’s a drop-down list of all your devices. Don’t select the device leave it on location, select next, then look down the list and you will see location/ set variable. Click add in on the next screen you associate the variable you want to set with the value that it is being set to

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I don’t see any turn off commands? In the else, using the same device, send a turn off, same process as how you added the turn on.

Ok got it. Thanks!

Well all looks correct in the piston but the light won’t turn off after the motion sensors change to inactive… any idea why?

Try changing line 22 to ‘is active’ and in the else (line 43), drop the conditions and just leave the turn off and set variable tasks.

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I changed to ‘is active’ but did not remove the else condition as I am not sure exactly which you a referring to. The variable in the else is meant to be a check to ensure the light was not manually turned on in order to prevent it automatically turning off when the desire is for it to remain on when manually used. Is the variable the condition you are referring to?

I got it! It was the dynamic variable. I just had to remove the Initial Value to ‘Nothing Selected’.

Here’s the final piston. Thanks for the help!

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@JH1 if you don’t mind my asking, why the repeat loops for these simple tasks? Is that for fail-safe? thanks.

try changing all your change to conditions to is conditions and changing the event subscription option for those is conditions to always.

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Nice work.

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Yes sir, I will generally loop everything I can and have it check to see the work is actually done before stopping. If it’s part of the problem and there is a cost to this - willing to change that.

I will change the conditions as suggested and will report back…