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I am switching from core to webcore and don’t understand how you can put a time condition in. In core, I have if time is 45 minutes after sunset and television switch is turn on, then turn on living room lamp. I can’t seem to figure out the TIME condition . Can someone help.

Ahhh. Got it. So you can mix triggers and conditions as long as the events are the same.

Since Switch 16 is not part of the Trigger event, then it is left out in center field until the entire Piston get re-evaluated.

But if you add a trigger to any “If” statement, then that series gets evaluated whenever any condition changes in that “If” event.

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Looks like I got there more by luck than any knowledge.
Poke and hope. That’s my motto. :wink:


Wha?!!:grinning: I haven’t never seen this page! Dammit @bobbles! Now I am off on another rabbit trail!

Edit: Duh! Never opened up webCoRE from mobile phone. Thanks bro. I like that.

I gave that a go. It works great except when light is already on and motion goes to inactive the light turns off. Ideally I would like the light to stay on if it was on and if it was off to begin with to shut off after a certain time. Thanks for your help!

I have a piston which I use as a wake-up alarm which does things like turn on the heat and hour before the alarm goes off; slowly turn on the lights at the time of the alarm; turn on the TV etc.
This works fine if you always wake up at the same time, but if not, you have to go into the piston to change the alarm time.
Is there perhaps some fancy way to set the alarm time - maybe from a Device in the Smart App? Or perhaps with some external manipulation using an app like Tasker?
The clever DTH and piston @Arnqvist created to turn on his car’s heater, made we wonder if something like this could be possible.
What would really be nice is if one could set a default alarm time in the piston, but if necessary change the next alarm time in such a way (and once the alarm has occurred, revert to the default alarm time set up in the piston)?

I believe this is where GCal comes in handy but I have never tried it myself. It looks pretty straightforward though after you get it set up.

Trying to see if this is correct. In core, I have if time is 45 minutes after sunset and television switch is turn on, then turn on living room lamp and light. Is this correct in webcore?

end settings;

time 45 = {$sunset};

  • add a new variable
    end define;

only when
Television’s switch is on

  • add a new restriction
    only when
  • add a new restriction
    Living Room and Living Room Lamp
    Turn on;
  • add a new task
    end with;
  • add a new statement
    end execute;

There are built-in offsets in webcore, you don’t have to create your own.

Edit: Fastest way I can think of doing it is using an Expression as your condition, enter the following:

addMinutes($sunset, 45)


Here’s a quickie that you can import and modify…

thank you. I thought core was a little easier to use but I guess I gotta get used to the new interface. Thanks again. I think i got it.

Time happens daily at 45 minutes past sunset
Television’s switch is on
Living Room and Living Room Lamp
Turn on;
end with;
end if;
end execute;

I think you might have problems as you are mixing triggers and conditions.
Perhaps move the television is on into an only when.
Not sure though.

There will not be an issue from this. Although both will work the same. Using it in the IF or as a restriction.

Thanks. I"m new to this and trying to convert CORE over to webcore. Just a learning curve and hope it works correctly.

If you are like me, the more pistons you convert, the more you will like WebCoRE and enjoy the many options it can give you.
Happy automating.

Do you notice that WebCore is faster than Core on execution?

To be honest it’s been a while since I used CoRE.
If memory serves I’m not sure there was much in it.
Possibly slightly quicker.

Nothing wrong with trying things out. If you find something works for you great. There are plenty of ways to do things so don’t get hung up on right or wrong ways especially if it is working

You could use my piston. Just set the ‘departure_time’ variable to you standard wake up time after the events which are triggered by the ‘departure_time’. Then keep the trigger which listens for changes to the time set from the DH.
In that way it will always trigger to your standard wake up time but if you set a custom time in the DH, it will trigger to that once.
If im not thinking wrong:)

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I am using Honeywell TCC connect, and am having a difficult time figuring out how to get a good response that “ac is running”

Here are all the items I can pick from. You would think operating state would tell me, but it responds “idle” even when it’s “cooling”

I’m thinking it’s probably an issue with the honeywell app, but am looking to see if anyone has any ideas.

On an aside, is there a way in the webcore edit mode, perhaps using the Evaluation console to “echo” what the status is of these items? I know this isn’t right but for example echo Honeywell’s thermostatMode