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I can’t figure this out myself (while it sound so trivial)…
I installed core v0.3.16b.20170515 as described in http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=CoRE, and it seems to install in the IDE just fine, looking at the phone I can see core installed,
but when trying to define a piston though (tap on “Add a condition”), the app errors out stating I am missing authorization.


Thoughts on what am I doing wrong?

Thx in advance!

And logs shows empty …

did you enable oauth?

also, have you considered webcore instead of starting with core?

yes per description on the wiki (http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=CoRE) followed to the dot, checked afterwards and client ID and Client secret are set

I have not considered web core at this point. What I am in the end trying to achieve is a way to call a local rest endpoint (node server) on my network to execute commands on the server based on triggers from smartthings.
What’s the relationship between webcore and core? Which would be better suited for this task?

@amo1 this thread explains the relationship. At this point webcore is the better option though both can do the job.

@bangali, @anon36505037

Thanks for the advice. I will try webCoRE then in the next few days

How can I output just the time to a string? I’ve tried using a time variable, still outputs as a date/time in a string. I used a time function in an expression, same result. Even tried an addminutes in an expression using $time, and it still shows a date in the notification. I’m out of ideas and in need of some help… Thanks!

What’s the expression you have now? Also, did you want just the HH:MM AM/PM ?

Here’s the current test piston that I have set up:

I’ve also tried time(TimeToRun)… Yes, I’m just wanting HH:MM AM/PM. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but I just haven’t dealt with this type of thing yet.

Try this, substitute your variable TimeToRun where $now is, then change MST to your time zone. Log the info and see if the time output is something you can use.

replace(mid($now, (indexOf($now, "@") + 2), (lastIndexOf($now, " ") - 3)), " MST", "")

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That’s perfect! I’ve still got a lot to learn about syntax, but this is a big help. :slight_smile:

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As I understand it there’s no built in way for ST to proactively alert you when any devices battery level drops below a threshold. I thought there may be an easy way in webCoRE to do this. Maybe something like:
For each physical device
If device has a battery attribute
If battery level below 70
Send SMS "device (device name) battery level down to (level)"
End I’d
End if
End for each

How can something like this be done, if at all.


I believe there are some in the piston examples thread that might get you started.

So I built it and started testing it. Shame on me, I included all my current contacts - what I should have done was just include my two “test” sensors, LoL. My bad!

First test - open a sensor and wait to see if vSensor opened. It did, check. I left the first sensor open to see if vSensor would close then reopen or stay open. To my delight, it stayed open. I closed the sensor and vSensor closed 5 seconds later. Excellent result!

Second test. I opened and closed the Sensor 3 times with 3 second delay between each open/close. My hope was the vSensor would have opened 10 seconds after the Sensor opened the first time and close 5 seconds after the last close. Nope, the piston crashed! It opened vSensor quite a bit after my actions, then the “physical” sensor opened and closed 3 times - no idea how or why that happened. Then vSensor closed for a bit then opened and stayed open and would not let me close it. Then I got locked out of the piston and couldn’t pause it. (see my help posts yesterday)

I believe what happened was while I was testing, one of my other physical sensors was opened and then closed. As each physical sensor was tripped after that their vSensor opened and stayed that way until I deleted the piston from IDE.

I’ll rebuild it (and only add my test sensors) then post a copy and any test results with logs (if it doesn’t lock me out again, lol).

I’m hoping we are on to something good here. I know ST support says this is a common complaint about SHM (false alarms from lagged disarm), so this may help others if we get it working - fingers crossed.

For the specific scenario, couple of my motion sensors are wired with USB power. If the power was disconnected to either of these I expect those devices would then become unavailable. Is there a way to check if a particular device is unavailable?


@HDGuy try this piston. Works amazingly

It looks like this:

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@Townsmcp Very nice. Is there a way to actually import this piston?


Everyone is thrown off when they read import and see import on the new piston dialogue. Instead click the orange restore button and type in the code zmjr

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@c1arkbar :slight_smile: thank you.