[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Evolved ~ Amazon Echo's Only Assistant with Robust Scheduling and Flexible Reporting

What seems to be the problem?

maybe I’m setting up the profiles wrong or something. Will do a bit more digging around tomorrow perhaps and get back to you

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any ideas when the new version will be available? I am looking forward to trying to install this but don’t want to do it twice. also, will this help me get around not being able to use alexa with my iris garage door controller?

We are shooting for June 30th if testing goes well. Stay tuned…

I’ve noticed that when trying to control the volume on a TV, my input will switch as a result of the request. This also happens when I try to send a message.

Keep in mind in both situations the message is NOT being delivered to a sonos speaker, but rather to a receiver setup through Generic Media Renderer.

If you get a chance, could you please take a moment to complete this 8-question survey posted by our friend @femwitjava? While question # 8 is not applicable to the EchoSistant’s philosophy about making apps available to the community, we are interested in seeing the results for the other seven questions.

Thanks for your help!


I second the post about for the survey. Please complete it.




Hey guys, thanks so much for this app - @SBDOBRESCU and @bamarayne, I’m a huge fan of your work and I can’t wait to get started building profiles. But before I do, I have a really basic question: is the distinction between Parent and Child apps no longer a thing with the new version? Since I have AskAlexa, I already have the Lambda and Dev accounts set up, so I thought install would be a breeze… Until I got to the “Echosistant Child App (Plug-in Modules) Installation” section of the ThingsThatAreSmart Wiki install page. When I went to get the code for the Child apps, the link just takes me to another iteration of the same wiki page. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for the help!

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I had the same issue as Joel.

Thanks for the kind words. if you are just getting started now, I suggest waiting a few more weeks. The install will be as you wish… a breeze. Now, is a little more involved.

If you started and would like to finish your install, the code is here

Just install the parent apo (echosistant.src) and the child (profiles.src). I would definitely hold off on the other add-ons…

Please post the link that you’re having trouble with… I’ll fix it now.

Please post the link you had trouble with and i’ll fix it now.

Thanks, Jason, but it’s not the link so much as the instructions: the wiki says to copy the Child app from the link, but the link simply takes one back to the wiki page - unlike the link in the previous instruction (for the parent app) which takes you to the git hub code page - and I think that’s the confusion. Once there, even if you scroll down to the table, are no links in the table marked as “Child” apps, and it’s not at all clear that you really mean the “Profiles” app (which I figured out by scouting through this thread -admittedly, something I should have done before bugging y’all).
In any event, do you agree with Bobby that we should just wait?

You’re not bugging at all. I need to know of any issues in the wiki so they can be clear and concise. yes, I agree with Bobby, there are some major changes coming with the next version, which will be released as soon as we are done and have it tested.

in the mean time…

the wiki link takes you here:

the optional add ons are at the bottom of the chart.
The center section is what you need for the profiles child app.

I do apologize for the confusion.

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May I know how to use command “Alexa, open/close the curtain in bedroom”?

My curtain is controlled by Harmony hub (IR to RF433.)
Now, I am using below command.
Alexa, turn on curtain
Alexa, turn off curtain

Thanks so much. I’m gonna try to finish this install - doing it all over again in a couple weeks will only improve my understanding. In the meantime, I’ve got the Profiles (child) app installed, and now the wiki suggests creating a profile before continuing. In the ST app on my phone (iOS), under Profiles it asks for Profile Name and notes that it must match the “Intent Name.” What is meant by this? I don’t wanna screw anything up. Thanks again…

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When you create your AWS skill, you have to name the skill intent the same as your profile name. That’s all in the wiki, in section 7. Follow the wiki and you’ll do fine. Just ask if you get stuck.

A quick but very important update in the week in review.

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Hi Guys,

I’m in Step 7 now - The Amazon Dev Account stuff. I’m in the dev console, on the Interaction Model page, and the Add Slot type button is greyed out/unclickable. Ideas? Thanks as always…