[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

I “suspect” the limit may increase in future :slight_smile:

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Now we need it to be decreased to 0 too… instead of 5-60, 0-60… and notification at the beginning of the recording rather than the end.


Agreed send in those requests to Blink if enough folks ask they just may do it.

###Blink Camera Manager - Version 5.7.1

  • Updated to support new video recording limits (1 to 120 seconds) in the mode based camera configuration options

###Blink Device Handler - Version 5.3.1

  • Updated to support new video recording limits (1 to 120 seconds)

Hmm…1 to 120 seconds but Blink announced 60 seconds…
What about using them as motion detectors without recording?

That’s correct, ST is privileged.
You can set it to 1 second the least available for motion detection right now.

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I’ve actually learned to like the 10 second limit. When I check my Kuna and SkyBell video, anything past the first 10 seconds never seems to include anything and I just waste my time viewing it.

If we use 120 seconds, will notification happen after 120 seconds?

Yes, that’s the downside. Hence the mode based configuration option in the Blink Camera Manager e.g. when in away mode I set the recording length to 60 seconds for outdoor and 5 seconds for indoor cameras. At night mode I use 30 seconds for outside and 1 second for inside and home mode 1 second for all cameras.

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@RBoy Any update on when Blink will be releasing outdoor versions of their cameras? I’ve got money burning a hole in my pocket when these are announced.

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Ah… last I heard it was scheduled before the end of the year, so it seems like things have slipped a little.

I understand what you did with the mode serttings…it’s got some great possibilities. My question is: if I want to use this, do I need to change the record time settings in the proper Blink app to something specific? Will one app over-ride the other? Thanks for info!

Cameras only have one setting. Whoever overwrites it last sticks.

That’s why I think it is great Blink included the option to stop the clip early if it stops detecting motion.

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I set that option but it doesn’t seem to work, at least not for 20 second videos.

I jumped on the $60 off offer based on the fact that recordings have been extended to 60 seconds. I’m pretty excited with the news of this and it was enough to make me go for it. Looking forward to integrating this into my ST setup, now I’ll have some motion detection capability at my place, which is what I’ve been wanting

BTW: Dumb question here and it may have already been asked but is it possible to utilize motion detection on these in disarmed/passive state (without needing to arm)? It would be cool to use the motion to turn on lights upon entering rooms, etc.

Awesome. Thanks!

At 30 secs I’ve seen some 9 and 12 sec videos, so seems to work for me.


Every one of mine are 20 seconds even if the motion stops immediately.

I’ll try 30 seconds.

Enhancement Request:


Every 24 hours I have a separate hub reboot automatically, this hub hosts the Blink ‘hub’…

When that happens ST notifies me that it went offline. Can we control that from the app? Turn on or off that notification? Or even better limit the periods of time in which we would receive such a notification. If I could eliminate it from 4:59-5:05am, I’d be golden. Modes in which we receive the notification would also work for my particular use case.