[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

Those are just quirks of the ST platform and maybe your phone codecs. Just try 5-10 times and it should start working. It also depends upon the signals on the camera. If any of them are weak it won’t connect through ST live view as it’s a very finicky stream player.

Im having trouble updating to the newest device handler 5.04 and smartapp code 5.08. I removed it from the smartthings IDE website and then copy pasted the new code and published. I also deleted all my cameras and the blink manager app on my smartthings app on my phone. When I go to re-add the blink manager app, it still says 5.07. When I try to input email/password, it does not connect and no cameras are added. It just says "Invalid login:error getting acount details, check login credentials or service is offline. help! It’s like the blink manager app isn’t seeing the new 5.08 code

Yes one person has a similar issue with another smart app a few months ago. Only ST support can investigate why it’s caching the old code. @slagle any suggestions.

Really sorry if this has been asked, I am sure it has but I still am not clear.
Is the preferred way to run this is to have the system always armed then just toggle the motion on/off?

I basically just want to have my away routine record motion and turn off motion when I get home. Toggling the “switch” just seems to turn motion on and off which i think is fine.

Is there a reason to toggle Arm/Disarm on and off in this case? What is the point in having it “armed” but motion off?

Sorry but brand new to blink :frowning:

Check out for the first post, most of the questions have been answered there with additional details on how to use the setup in different situations.

I did read that post and just re-read it. I think where I was getting hung up was the terminology, Arming/Disarming vs Activating/Deactivating…its Monday…lol

I think it all makes sense now, if I deactivate or disarm it cuts off all cameras for motion. I will probably just leave the Arm/Disarm alone and let the system handle it (most likely just leaving it armed) and use the “switch” to turn each camera on and off (only have 1 right now) via Routine.

Thanks for all you did with this!

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Recently, I find that motion is getting stuck. I click refresh and it still stays on motion. The only way I have gotten it to clear is to disarm and arm the camera that was stucked. Anyone else having this issue?

So I’ve donated, installed, and all the cameras show up in Camera Manager and I also see them in SHM. I read thru this thread, including the FAQ. A lot of my confusion is probably due to the fact this thread has some old information in it, but I feel like there should be some basic how to available somewhere… a simple I want to do this, so then do this step by step. All I want to do for the time being is use 6 of my 10 cameras in SHM armed home, and all 10 when away. I went into the SHM, where they all appeared, and set this up. However, when I use SHM to arm home or away, the cameras/motion do nothing. As far as I can tell, SHM is not turning them on. I used the Blink app to setup the sync module and add the cameras, but other than that, I hope to not use it unless I want to review footage. Am I approaching this completely wrong?

No you’re doing it fine, SHM times our very often while turning devices on/off. A better way would be to use routines to turn the cameras on/off as you need them. You can also use the integrated SHM/mode based options within the Blink Camera Manager to turn the cameras on/off for specific modes or when SHM is in specific states.

Scratching my head on that first sentence. So I did it right, but it’s not working. So… I should undo what i did in SHM and control from smart app tied to SHM? I chose blink and smart app because I thought this would allow me to easily use the Blinks with SHM instead of standard motion sensors that do not record video with events. Did I make a mistake? Is this an unreliable solution?

That’s correct, while you did it correctly in principle, that method isn’t reliable due to issues with the ST platform. I would suggest you arm/disarm the cameras using the settings given in the Blink Camera Manager SmartApp. There you can tell it which cameras to arm/disarm when SHM changes modes.

I have no idea what just happened. I installed the Device Manager and SmartApp, and suddently ALL my devices, rooms etc. is gone from my iPhone app, and the hub has disapeared from the graph.api page. The only error I got was somthing about Hub location and timezone not being set. Everything is gone, I can’t even begin to imagine how much time I spend setting up stuff. Hope I can get it back. Will write Smartthings suppor too.

When you log in, click location and another login screen should pop up.

You are probably logged into a secondary location.


I love you! :slight_smile: I totally missed that. I will give it another go tommorow.

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I have put together an inefficient and overly complicated method to view the most current Blink photo (per camera) on Smarttiles. I can press a button on Smarttiles and have a photo taken and update on Smarttiles. It can also automatically update at predetermined intervals. To accomplish this I needed to use the following:

A rooted Fire 7 tablet to act as a behind the scenes controller. Superuser access via SuperSu app was needed to be able to download the photo from Rboy’s app to the tablet;
An Amazon S3 account with a bucket that can be publicly viewed and provides url for Smarttiles to view photo;
Rboy’s Blink app to capture the Blink photo;
CoRE to run a piston that takes a photo when a momentary button is pressed or at specified intervals;
Tasker to run a task that puts everything together and to moves files on tablet;
Sharptools app to capture momentary button press for Tasker;
Autoinput to simulate button presses in Rboys app to save photo to Fire tablet;
DSC Auto Rename app to automatically give the same name to photos from a specific camera;
Foldersync app to move photo file from Fire tablet to Amazon S3. It erases file on tablet and overwrites file in S3.

I am not very proficient in using most of the apps listed, but with a lot of trial and error, I managed to get it to work. I truly hope the the new ActionTiles will make this workaround unnecessary.


What is the interval you’re using? Taking a snapshot is heavy on the Blink server.

Once an hour. Is that ok?

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And this is why the Blink team seems unwilling to enable an auto-update camera preview in their app and force the users to manually update every camera manually, which is really…really…really, lame. I can’t imagine having more than my current two camera’s to keep an eye on.

Not entirely true. Their bigger concern is battery life.
Each time you take a snapshot you wake up the camera, have it connect to wifi, take a snapshot, upload it and then put it back to sleep. That takes a lot of battery. So yeah regularly waking the camera to take a snapshot will drain your battery faster, weight this into your decisions.

Agreed, however, it would be nice if they had different options if you decide to power the camera.

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