[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

Working for me also :+1:

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Back online. Will this last until the 27th?

I just came across this mess today… I would have not know about it at all unless I saw it on a different thread.

I’ve sent in a message via the suggestion page as well as a “System Use” support ticket. I let them know that I would be returning my 5 camera system (via their 30 Day Money Back Guarantee) and cancelling the XT on preorder if ST was dropped.

I’m glad the wife is going to be out of town when all of this is supposed to stop working… I’ve already switched from Arlo to Blink and having to switch again would piss her off. If I can get it done before she gets back, it will be much better. lol

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Well all of a sudden its working again… Great but is this the lull before the storm? Lets hope not


I want to thank everyone for sending in your comments and making yourselves heard. Blink has heard you all and has decided that they will continue the SmartThings integration with Blink. There will be NO service interruption on January 27th and you can continue to enjoy the integration between SmartThings and your Blink cameras. I would like to thank Blink for their continued support and commitment to the SmartThings community.

###For now the only the latest version of the RBoy Blink ST Client (SmartApp v05.08.00 and Device Handler v05.04.00) will continue to work and be supported. If you are not on this version, please upgrade to this version immediately. We are working with Blink on moving this towards native integration with SmartThings as a long term solution which would make this integration even easier and free for everyone. More updates to follow.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to address Blink’s concern over security and stability, only the Blink approved client (RBoy Blink Client SmartApp v05.08.00 and Device Handler v05.04.00) will be allowed to integrate/communicate with the Blink server. Under the revised terms, anyone found using a modified or unauthorized version of the client could have their account blocked/suspended/disabled. This is done for the safety and protection of the Blink and SmartThings infrastructure. Once we move towards native integration these security/safety concerns would be addressed in a more holistic manner. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

RBoy and Team

FAQ: Can I continue with the old version for now?

  • The older versions will no longer work and to ensure smooth operations Blink is requesting customers to upgrade to the latest version. It is highly recommended to update your code immediately as accounts who aren’t on the recommended version are being monitored due to safety/security concerns.
    If you are unable to upgrade to the latest code immediately, PLEASE UNINSTALL the OLD versions of the SmartApp/device handler and then reinstall the latest version when you need access to the integration. This will avoid any disruption to the accounts/service and help protect the infrastructure.

This is truly a mess. I originally purchased by Blink system due to its ability to integrate with SmartThings, but at this point I am too far in to switch to a different camera system. As a temporary workaround I devised a scheme that allows me to enable/disable the system, and exposes the cameras to SmartThings as motion detectors that I thought I would share. However, my setup is relatively basic compared to others I have seen mentioned in the thread so it will not work for everyone, but I thought I would share. My setup only requires arming and disarming the Blink system, and registering as a motion sensor in SHM. The solution does require IFTTT, which I was lucky enough to successfully link.

First, I created a virtual switch, and two corresponding IFTTT applets. One applet that arms the Blink system when the switch turns on, and one that disarms the system when the switch is turned off.

Next, I created a virtual device for each of my cameras using the universal device type from @Mike_Maxwell (linked below). The ‘virtual cameras’ were configured have a switch input, but output like a motion sensor, also to automatically turn off after 5-minutes. Each ‘virtual camera’ was linked to an IFTTT applet that turned the switch on when motion was detected, which registers in smart things an active motion sensor.

Hopefully this can help.


Blink’s continuing it’s integration with the ST community:


I am overseas, with only my phone…are there issues with my not being able
to update till about Feb. 6th? I guess I might be able to find ab internet
cafe…I just hate exposung my passwords at a place like that…

Great news that they will continue this support with @RBoy

Glad blink listens to the community and I have gained alothe of respect for that with the company.

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This is great news. I am a little concern that they could reverse this decision at a later date and drop ST all together. Right now I’m within the 30 day return window… later on I will not be… decisions, decisions, decisions.

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It is highly recommended to update your code immediately as Blink is closely monitoring accounts who aren’t on the recommended/latest version. The older versions have been disabled as of earlier this week and to ensure smooth operations Blink is requesting customers to upgrade to the latest version.

If you are unable to upgrade to the latest code immediately, PLEASE UNINSTALL the OLD versions of the SmartApp/device handler and then reinstall the latest version when you have access to it. This will avoid any disruption to the accounts/service and help protect the infrastructure.

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Thank you for your attention to this. I know that you worked hard to keep the integration with Blink and SmartThings and without you we would have been royally screwed.

Also to Blink,

Thank you for listening to your customers. I understand that without checks and balances, your servers and system could be/ can be compromised. As you have proven yourself to actually care, I will continue to recommend Blink cameras as a good camera system to implement into SmartThings.

Although, I was planning on buying 3 of the outdoor cameras, I do have concerns that this is not just a temporary move. Once I feel comfortable that Blink will work with ST natively, I will purchase the rest of the cameras that I need.

To All that Helped,

Thank you community! Some say that no matter what the consumer request, manufactures will not listen. This proves that together, our voices can help manufactures make better products and better business decisions.

Cancelling my quest to find replacement motion detectors.


Thanks @RBoy for your hard work regarding this issue! We love the integration and the efforts you put into this!

A big shout to everyone who sent messages to Blink… We’ve been heard!


I did the same thing, but was going to get Arlo. Why did you switch away from it? How about the Arlo Pro?

Awesome!! Best news I’ve heard all week. Glad to know our voices were actually heard. I personally had a back and forth email exchange with Blink. Glad it’s worked out.

Thanks again RBoy!


I had both the Arlo (not the pro) and Blink cameras at the same time (for about a week) to compare them head to head. The two major factors that caused me to send the Arlo cameras back were both related to motion detection.

The first issue was that the motion detection on the Arlo did not do a good job of picking up people moving around my house, even on the highest sensitivity setting. In particular, one of the cameras I had setup on one side of my basement level family room, pointing back across the room towards the stairs (from upstairs/main entry to the house), two bedrooms and two exterior windows. I was able to come down the stars (roughly 16 feet way from the camera) and wall towards it (not straight at it, but pretty close) and not have the camera trigger until I was less then 4 feet away from it. This was in the day time with all the lights on. It did seem to work a little better in the dark for some reason. The other two Arlo cameras I had did not have very good motion detection, even when walking across their line of sight. I had one on top of the kitchen cabinets and it would not detect motion (at about 10 feet) until I had walked nearly all the way across our bar area (about 8 feet into the view of the camera).

Add to the poor motion detection that fact that there was a delay from detection to actual recording and it was possible for the Arlo to completely miss the action that set it off. With that family room camera mentioned above, if I waked quickly down the stairs, across the room, crossed in front of the camera and left it’s view, it would trigger be fail completely to catch me on video.

Those two things and the higher cost had me sending them back in favor of the Blink cameras.


Yep this quells my plans on buying more.

I’m in the same boat. I was planning on expanding my system as well, and while I’m happy with the stay of execution, I am concerned that this is a temporary reprieve. I am hopeful for the permanent solution.

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Can I just add my thanks to RBoys for his work with Blink to achieve this. Whilst this as dented the ST community I think Blink have learnt a lesson or I hope they have and will hopefully introduce the new forms of integration in a more controlled fashion and take into account users feedback.

I too will hold back on expansion or use of the XT model until I see proof of this.

But in the meantime , thank you Rboys


You’re welcome, we’ll keep working with Blink to make this a permanent solution through ST native integration.