[DEPRECATED][Alpha] Hampton Bay/Home Decorators Zigbee Ceiling Fan Controller

I didn’t do it exactly like that but will try now.

I moved the ST hub to be in close proximity to the fan controller using an ethernet PowerLine adapter and an extension cord. That should remove any proximity variables from the equation.


Just tried it again exactly per instructions. Still nothing.

I then remembered seeing a post by @JDRoberts where he mentioned something about letting Zigbee devices stay off for -15 min before “rebuilding” a Zigbee mesh. Maybe the Zigbee “innards” need to be powered down long enough to forget about their prior relationship with the Wink hub.

I have the breaker controlling this fan in the off position now and will re-test in 15-20 min.

Edit 2:

Tried again with no luck. It looks like I am going to have to take the fan down in order to figure this out. Perhaps a HD remote is necessary in some cases after all?

Did you disjoin the controller from the wink hub before trying to connect to the ST hub. I don’t know if zigbee is like zwave, but if it is, it won’t try to pair to a new hub unless it has been properly disassociated from the old (wink).

If that is the case and you still have the wink hub, disassociate it from there first and try again. Other wise there may be a way to factory reset the controller. I will look at the manual later and let you know if I see anything helpful there.


See gray box in pic below. Might be difficult doing this at the breaker but worth a shot.


I did dis-join the controller from Wink before getting rid of it.

One thing I forgot to add is that when I was initially installing the fan, it did show up in ST. I wasn’t far enough into my upstairs renovation to set it up so I deleted it from ST. I also am on my second ST hub (as the first one had issues with letting me add/remove Z-Wave devices). When this fan was initially paired to ST. I am 99% sure it was paired to the faulty ST hub (that I exchanged).

Interesting… I might re-add the physical switch and try to replicate this setup behavior. As it currently stands, when I cycle the breaker, the fan comes on at low speed but I have no idea whether the light blinks. The light may also be on the incorrect chain setting so that adds another variable to the mix.

I now have a few more things I can change and test for so there is still some light at the end of the tunnel!


Just saw the part about resetting the controller. Looks like the same procedure as with a GE Link Bulb. Going to try that and report back.


Reset (On 3 secs, Off 3 secs, X5) worked!!! Thanks for the help guys!


Can you share instructions on how to set up a virtual switch with CoRE to control fan speed? Thanks.

[quote=“pilot04, post:62, topic:79552”]
Can you share instructions on how to set up a virtual switch with CoRE to control fan speed? Thanks.
[/quote] Here is a great place to get help for CoRE with Jason @bamarayne CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

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Thanks for pointer. Took a few hours to read all the info on virtual switch & CoRE to set up correctly with webCoRE so mine is working now to control Fan turn on/off via Alexa. I only did one virtual switch for fantwo speed as I’ll wait for ranga to finish his smartapp for all functions.

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hi. it’s my first time messing around with the smartthings platform. I created a smart app the sort of bi-directionally controls a virtual dimmer to allow google home have an indirect way of controlling the fan. (0% = off, 1-25% is fanOne, etc)

Anyway, it’s working well, but i’m wondering if it’s possible to expose this fan as two dimmer switches (light and fan) rather than a single device? Feel like that would be a more elegant solution.

Any pointers would be great.


Welcome to SmartThings! This device is based on the manufacturer choices which currently is a combination of both light (which is dimmer level) AND fan speed which is multi switch on-off control. You may be interested however in testing your app with another fan only speed device which is dimmer level type control such as the one I use by @ChadCK Z-Wave Smart Fan Control Custom Device Handler on a GE 12730 Z-Wave Smart Fan Control or Leviton VRF01-1LX designed specifically for motor control via dimmer style control.

Is the github link at the top the latest collaboration between @dalec @stephack and @ranga ? Or are there two separate controllers? Thanks for all your work on this.

It is the latest available but there are exciting changes coming. Unfortunately due to GitHub issues right now with device handlers it is a little challenging collaborating the code but I’m sure SmartThings will get that worked out soon.

@stephack is coding out the new parent/child functions that recently got announced and it will really make this handler easier to use with smartapps as well as the mobile app because it makes the fan speeds available for independent control by all built-in smartapps without the need for a custom app like CoRE. Right now the light is the only directly available control item for built-in smartapps.
It’s coming soon :slight_smile:

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I got all 3 of my fans switched over to these receivers this weekend, and I just wanted to say a big “THANK YOU!” to @ranga and @dalec both for discovering the parts ordering process and for the almost perfect device handler!

I say almost perfect though because I’ve observed a couple of odd behaviors in the device handler;

Firstly, the light dimming seems to bottom out at 20%, with setting the slider from 1%-19% showing in the recent activity as “…set to 20%” regardless of what setting below 20% you slide to. Didn’t know if this is a low-end hardware limitation of the receiver or of the code? Thoughts?

Secondly, and this is just a personal preference/request, but I just installed these in three bedrooms where the canopy lights of the ceiling fans are the main light sources for the rooms, and so I’m probably going to tweak the code to make the light the main on/off tile and also have the light show its on/off status in the “Things” list view along with a toggle there. But it would be awesome if there were (and I don’t even know if this is possible with custom device type code) a way to choose between having the light or the fan as the main tile in the device’s options…?

This is alpha code right now. I am getting ready to release beta later today with all the Stephan modifications. It is certainly a good feature to request to be able to choose which preference you want to have as the main tile but with the new composite feature of the device handler you might have a different request. I think what might be better to have is the ability to choose which child devices show up in the Things view. Play around with the new handler and see what I mean.

I believe this is a hardware limitation. When setting the light level (using either the remote control or the app) the controller reports back to the ST hub using the zigbee protocol…either way it bottoms out at 20%.

As @dalec stated, you would need to get a feel for the new component setup. If you need to show them on the main Thing page, there is only one line of code you would need to edit. Easy change you can do to customize.

OK I got the latest just posted. I am starting a new thread just to make it easier to keep the development changes updated at hopefully a faster pace and to take some of the pressure off @Ranga as he is getting busier. This is going into BETA and it has taken on a new look using the composite (child) device feature that just got released.

We incorporated your advice in the beta release @dalec just posted. It now shows both the fan and light as 2 separate controllable options on the Thing list. We left the light control options in the fan thing as well. That way you can control everything from the Fan Thing but still have separate light control available from the Thing list. Hope you like it and thanks for the great suggestion.


Hi I cant pairing my MR101Z, I try reset but still the same.

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately we are going to need a lot more info from you to help. Was it paired to another controller before or is it brand new out tof the box? What else have you tried and what errors if any are you getting?
Please provide as much detail as possible and I’m sure someone here will have some advice for you.

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HI @stephack,

My device is new I just bought.

My device work very well with remote TR227A.

Was my bad, I tun ON/OFF by remote but the correct way is by switch.

Now is perfect.:grinning:

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Great. Let us know how you like it, if there are any bugs or if you recommend any features/changes. It might take a while to get implemented :wink: but we will do our best to make this better as needed.