Denon http control concept

If you are using a non-HEOS Devon AVR, the following concept helps you do quick changes:


Unfortunately you cannot (at least in my awareness) choose TUNER1 to get the FM tuner presets. So you’re kinda limited to a handful of quick presets, or on other Denon units to a handful of Favorites. Anyway, use the HTTP Device Creator to create a Switch. In the ON position, load one of your Quick choices. In the OFF position, load another.

Give the switch a unique name, one that won’t have Alexa trying to play something herself. Now you’ll be able to use Alexa to turn on the switch by name.

To get the OFF position choice, create an Alexa routine that turns off the switch. Again, with the same naming concept.

So I’ve added four favorite stations from SXM, Pandora, and the old Internet Radio to my voice commands. Would love to add more, or have some means of http direct-input for FM stations, but for now it will do,

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Turns out there are general tuner commands:







But those only navigate the frequency band and moving up and down the button selections. They don’t get specific. There is also this, which is supposedly limited to a specific Marantz model. But I will try it later:

Tuner Presets: FOUND IT. It’s a GET request:

Navigating the ‘Favorites’ list (not the tuner presets) is more clumsy, a series of cursor movements. Doable for a small number of them.