delayBetween(cmds,<timeinms>) does not work

so i am writing a device type purely as a Sonos TTS Announcer using VoxCommando it would work extremely well if only the following code would actually work as i need a delay when dissolving and creating sonos groups.

cmds = []

cmds << Command one
cmds << Command two
cmds << Command two

delayBetween(cmds, 2000)

there is not a 2 second delay between sending these commands. but in this example the commands are execute roughly over a 3 second period total. is there a maximum time limit for the delay of 3 digits rather than 4?

Not sure if it’s related, but the delay parameter in commands like: switch.on([delay: 2000]) is currently broken and they’re working on a fix. Not exactly the same problem though, in that case it’s reading 2000 as seconds instead of milliseconds. But maybe both are part of some wider underlying problem.

No. Most of the z-wave DHs have delays of up to 5000 ms.

ok well for me on the UK servers all options to delay in the device handler do not work. It’s the second time I’ve noticed this but I definitely need the delay or things don’t work

Write to support, get a ticket number, and write to Jody.


Delay in milliseconds should be restored in a hotfix tomorrow. If you do have a ticket number send it to me anyway.

Jody, is there an issue with device handlers delay between also? That could explain a lot of weird device failures the last few days.


Yes there is. The delay in and delay between both used a seconds to milliseconds conversion that was not moved over to the new scheduler. We have a hotfix to put the conversion back in and a unit test to make sure that it’s not removed unintentionally in any future updates.


Ok thanks guys, I thought I was losing my mind :slight_smile:

I didn’t raise a ticket, but am happy to wait. I do hope this hotfix hits the EU shard as well and not just the US ones!

I asked this question (specifically about delayBetween ) yesterday on slack, never got a response…, probably could have headed off a few issues had it been mentioned then.

A great number of z-wave commands rely on delay-between measured in milliseconds. Devices have been misbehaving. Hmmmm.

Yea, and how many zwave devices do you think have been joined in the last 48 hours, half configured…

Once again, the Community finds the Achilles Heel of another SmartThings release. We are their free testers. They throw it out and wait for us to chew on it, find the bone in the dish, and complain. Works pretty well.

I’ve heard this about so much software. Still no excuse, but sadly all too normal these days.

What aggrieves me here is how much time I wasted on testing and trying to work around the issue. If they were aware of this issue it should have been on the status Page IMHO. As the ramifications of just this could account for a whole lot of instability especially as stated with Zwave devices…god knows I have had a lot over the last few weeks also

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I’ve beens so frustrated as to why half of my devices won’t discover on a zwave repair, Could this be the reason? I never had a problem in the past and was about to submit a ticket. It’s like I lost 50% of my devices and many of the “working ones” are behaving improperly. Driving me freaking nuts!!!

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so @jody.albritton has the Hotfix been applied to all the US & UK Shards?

It appears that the code was merged 9 hours ago. If you are still seeing issues with the delay let me know.

Just to clarify, the code has been merged but has not been released to production yet, so these issues remain until the change is released to prod. We will follow up when the fix is released.

ok cheers, i was doing some testing and still was having issues.