delayBetween(cmds,<timeinms>) does not work

Is the expected release into production still today? I would like to see if that fixes my issues with zwave network via before submitting a ticket

This particular fix is targeted at a release next week.

I thought I saw someone mention somewhere that this might make it out today, Will there be an Announcement when this release goes into production? or will you update us here?

So, per @jody.albritton, this is scheduled for release today, 4/6. Can you confirm?


please god tell me its soon, this has been the biggest single issue for me for causing problems!


Did this ever get sorted?

No I recently tested again. Its still broken

Thought so. I had a zigbee relay that was working fine. It was being used to provide a momentary switch. I’ve tried a load of different values and 1-100ms makes no difference.

Thanks to CoRE :slight_smile:

If switch changes to on, turn off. Sorted.

I see this is a very old thread. But I am seeing this is currently still broken.

Are you all still aware of this issue? Is there a plan for fixing this?