Debug lighting response times/delay?

I’ve convinced s family member some time ago to jump on the SmartThings bandwagon. He’s installed various switches and bulbs.

My system is extremely fast in terms of switching on/off multiple devices at a time. They all trigger nearly instantaneously.

His system on the other hand is very slow, upwards of 30-40 second delays as the hub cycles through turning on each device.

We both have a SmartThings V2 all ZWAVE (one two zigbee bulbs). I’ve made sure he’s installed a wired outlet or in wall ZWAVE no further than 20’ from the hub or another device to ensure a strong mesh and avoid obstacles. We’ve shut down every other electronic component in the house to avoid interference. We’ve even replaced the hub.

We’ve done all the usual things like repair ZWAVE network and removing and repairing. I’ve also removed one ZWAVE device at a time to make sure there’s no one device injecting issues into the mesh.

I cannot figure this out. Is there anyway to debug this from a physical protocol perspective?

oh… and the logs indicate the commands are going out within an acceptable amount of time. It seems that the devices are just taking longer to respond to the command. It’s like the commands are bouncing around the mesh hunting for the right device.

There are many different things that can affect this and as individual customers we really don’t have the network mapping tools needed to diagnose it.

I would suggest just getting in touch with support and letting them look into it from their side. That’s likely to give you the fastest results.