Deal: Rachio 2 Smart Sprinkler Controller (8 zone) for $103 (9/4/2019)

$103 deal of the day is lowest price ever according to camels. 16 zone gen2 model is $145.

Note that this is not the latest gen3 model (8 zone gen3 is $197). Gen3 adds: useful buttons on controller, 5GHz wifi. Rachio comparison here

I’ve been putting this off for a long time…

Used good " Damage box " from AWD are only $90. Unusual for them to drop AWD prices along with the daily deal prices.

Sam’s close to me has them on clearance for about $50.00

Rachio gen 2 came in, playing with it on the counter before installing. Couple notes…
-gen 2 also has buttons on controller to manually start zones
-while might not be ‘hyper local’, the app lets you pick PWS weather stations. I found one a few miles from my house

FYI, Those buttons only allow you to run select zones for 3 minute intervals.