DC voltage sensor

Can anyone recommend a sensor for measuring voltage in the 10V-13Vdc range? It looks like the MimoLite may be one options. Are there others you can recommend?

MIMOlite is the only good one, and it aint that good. The voltage input translation is GOOFY.

I have a VERY low-priority project to adapt the presence/arrival sensor to power it from the 12V battery of a driveway anchor, to keep the battery from flattening. The principle is to “scale and offset” the voltage of the anchor to the reporting range of the arrival sensor. But it only reports in 11% increments so it’s not fine monitoring - i think it would be good enough to keep the battery juiced enough to eventually drive it to the junkyard.

Designing Gain and Offset in Thirty Seconds - Texas Instruments


Oddly I have not found 30seconds to make this project happen yet.

Is there anything that works with eu z-wave? Mimo2+ seems US only

Sensor below has a range from 0 to 3.3V, adding 1MΩ resistor between voltage source and pin A0 will extend range to 13.2V.

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