Daylight Savings Time and Webcore problem?

Hello - Is there a problem with the transition between daylight savings time and standard time in WebCore? I have pistons that are to run starting at a specific time, but WebCore insists on starting them earlier (ie, it’s now Sun Nov 5 5:25am MST. For a piston that was to start at Nov 5 5:00am, WebCore just set a timer for Nov 5 4:00am MST, which should never run since it is past that time.) I just checked, my hub and my PC are both on the correct standard time. Bug? How do I force WebCore to acknowledge the correct time?

Here’s an update. Looks like WebCore might be right but piston eval time are wrong. See the attached screen capture. It’s now 5:30am MST.

This shows that the next scheduled time if for a time in the past.


We in the UK had this last week. The piston was set to fire before the daylight savings changed. Hence it went one hour early on the first day. The same happened to me, but subsequent actions for the same piston have all been at the correct time. I think Ady is looking at it for next time.

There is an issue with the WebCoRE server at the moment.

Here is a comment from the webCoRE author.
Could be an ST issue.
Yes. ST placed a rate limit on webCoRE because some pistons started executing like crazy because of the DST. I don’t know what the rate limit is, looks like 0, as none of my pistons execute at all. But will try to get this fixed. Not sure how quick I can get someone to react, it’s still early morning on the west coast._

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The rate limits are automatic and will restore over time.

How long will this take? My pistons are still not running.

Adrian has released a fix.
Update webCoRE to the latest version and you should then be OK.


I updated 2 hrs ago, but the pistons that are to run every few minutes are still not running. How do I kick start them? Do a Test does not appear to make that happen.

Try pause/resume with the psitons.

What I am doing, which mostly seems to work, is to Edit the piston but do nothing except Save it. It appears that that sequence re-registers the piston (if that’s what it’s called), and the times then become right. But except for this one. So far this is the only one that is still off by 1 hr.


Here’s another example of things still not working right. It’s now 9:43a MST, and this piston was to fire at 9:37a but it did not. I did a refresh in my browser before getting this screen shot.


OK, thanks. I’m glad you found the problem.

i hear ya.

even 2 of my pistons; one used for door chimes using a custom message that is played back on my Sonos speakers. And the other, changes the home mode to night mode at sunset.

theyre still not working after DST change.

Are you running the latest version of webCoRE. It’s now at 0fd.