Dashboard to Display Aeon Sensor Data

(John Griffiths) #1

My Aeon Smart sensor is working great, but would be good to do some thing with the data its aquirers.

It would be nice if I could have a dash board to see the average temp, light, humidity

Searched, but don’t see any avalaible. Anyone know of such a took?


(Josh) #2

There are 2 well developed Dashboards currently being used for Smartthings.

The Home Automation Dashboard (a little involved to get setup and working, but very customizable):

And the ActiON Dashboard which is a little less customizable, but much simpler to setup:

I havent tried getting the Humidity and temp in to the Action dashboard yet, but its a breeze in the HA Dashboard (once you get it running).

hope that helps.

(Eric) #3

There are a couple of ideas on the forum, but I went with GroveStreams:

I’ve only had it setup for about a day, but so far really like it.