Dashboard Theming (Custom CSS) and Mounting Hardware Ideas

I’ve been using IE and Chrome but the error I’m getting is more related to the updates that was done to the IDE I believe from what I read in this thread…

Are you able to save changes you make to your dashboard?

The new version is days away. It includes a workaround to save changes.


Honestly I have not tried. I just know in the past that was my problem. I didn’t know there was a problem in IDE, hopefully they fix it soon.

Hi all. Fairly new to all this, but the ActiON dashboard has me jazzed about creating some sort of mounted control panel. I’m looking to create something smaller and more like the Wink Relay. I sort of started another thread about it. :grin:


Hi all. I was wondering if it were possible to display a mpeg video stream without the grey border around it and how to go about doing that? Essentially, I’d like the video to take up the entire tile.

Can you post what your USB outlet setup is? I’m looking to do something like that too. Did you pull power from the outlet? What hardware did you use for the outlet?

Looks great!

This is the one I am using
Top Greener USB Charger with 15A Tamper Resistant Duplex Receptalce 61501-TR2USB2

Is anyone able to modify/save their codes in IDE? I just get the Saving spinning wheel :frowning:

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IDE is toasted this morning. My morning commute was not productive.

I wanted something more portable. I went with this. It’s also surge protected.

In an effort to keep all you northerners from flaming me… I will not post a photo of my Action dashboard. I see all these cold temps on your screens and if you saw mine is 82 degrees here in SW Florida, I just know you would go crazy. lol

Ha. Mine was 75 yesterday. Gotta love Arizona. :grinning:


Just picked this up with best offer of $125. Looks like they sell on Amazon for almost $400. I’ll post pics and result once it is in.

A bit overpriced at $125, no?

What you can’t tell from just the picture is that Launchport products have a very cool (and expensive) built in induction charging station. You’re not paying for the frame, you’re paying for the ćharger electronics behind it.

As a quad, I’ve looked into these because I can’t use the plug on my iPad. But the magnets are a little too strong for me, although I’m sure they’d be easy for others.

Anyway, it keeps the tablet powered in the mount and it’s grab and go, no cords or need to unplug.


At $400 I agree. At $125 I think its a killer deal as JDRoberts mentioned there is more to it than just plastic.

From their site: The iPort Control Mount Series provides an elegant way to integrate an Apple iOS device (iPad, iPad mini, and iPod touch) into a solid surface or wall. Ideal for home automation or digital signage, the Control Mount system uses Sonance speaker mounting technology to mount the iOS Device near-flush to the wall. The Control Mount Power System allows integrators to power the iOS device from nearly 200 ft. away from the mounting location. With the paintable bezel, the mounting system can become nearly invisible on the wall. And don’t worry about use in a public space: built into every Control Mount is an optional security lanyard. Control Mount: the world’s most elegant in-wall mount.

First of all I would like to thank @625alex for the amazing ActiON Dashboard, it keeps getting better with every update. :smile:

I spent hours creating a frame that I could mount and have my nexus 7 slide in and out of using plywood, foam and fabric and I am really happy with the results. However, one day after installing it, my tablet has decided to boot loop and is now unrecoverable even after a factory reset and countless hours trying anything to get it to respond. :frowning:

So apart from the fact that I need another tablet, I wanted to share my handy work.

I have since purchased an IP Cam and created multiply dashboards (Energy, Climate & Security) and the results look great (on my phone at least), much cleaner and easy to navigate.


Do you mind posting some details on the frame? Looks fantastic!

I’m not happy with my Nexus 7 after Lollipop update. It reboots on its own very frequently…

No worries. Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos as I was going (apart from the one below that only shows the mess I made) but I will take some close ups tonight and post them here.

It’s not pretty from behind, but it does the trick. Here are some close up photos of my frame for my Nexus 7

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