Dashboard Theming (Custom CSS) and Mounting Hardware Ideas

@infofiend I typically don’t. But for this experiment I set one up. It takes 5 Seconds.

@infofiend I’m almost certain that Dragon Touch is the same maker as the link I posted.

Hey Chris -

Thanks so much for spending the time to test the tablet for me. You rock.


Posting this here as its an idea someone might want.

Has anyone seen the new 2016 M-series Vizios?
These displays actually come with a small Android tablet for a remote.
They have a wireless charging dock and it’s a clean implementation.
My only concern is with the M-series itself as this does NOT include a tuner, making it a display only (might not be a big deal for a lot of people out there if you have cable or satellite, but I use an antenna for local OTA broadcasts).


Here’s a pic of the tablet on its dock

This means you could have a tablet DESIGNED to be used for the TV, that will also control your HA systems in ways that a standard Harmony Remote can’t (Tasker, SmartTiles, SharpTools, etc)


I am using Smartthings 2 Hub here in Australia

Just learning SmartTiles and have it running fine on my old iPad, but I am having trouble getting a local live weather tile to work… is this possible outside of USA?

If so can someone give me some help in getting it working

tks Frosty

I have it running in France, works perfectly.

I set it up using this post:


Hi everyone

For those of you that use an android tablet mounted on a wall I suggest you to have a look at the app called Fully Kiosk Browser. I am using motion detector + tasker to awake the screen based on motion but this app has got this feature and also full screen. It is awesome. Unfortunately I still don’t understand how to add the new smart tiles link. I’ve tried with google.it and it works very well. Will try to understand why it does not accept the new link



Thanks, Fab… Let me know if I can answer any questions as you explore this. I may have to set up a test myself…

Thanks Terry
There must be something that the app doesn’t like in the link format. I got a message saying wrong url dismissed,

Use “index.html?app=..."

I tried it with this app - Fully Browser Kiosk.

Started URL as index.html?app= Then the entire Smartiles URL to my dashboard launch and got the same error. “Wrong URL Dismissed”

Also tried file:/// Then the entire Smartiles URL to my dashboard launch

Same error

The app has potential if we can solve this bad url message.

Emailed the app developer. Perhaps he shall reply?

What’s the full URL you are attempting??? … I’m confused as to what you are using and can’t tell from your description.

You may have a slight error in the format that’s easy for me to see. I need the whole path starting with “http...

index.html.app?=https://graph.api.smartthings.com/api/smartapps/installations/my token infomation/launch

Yah… That’s totally wrong, bud!

Make it:
http://SmartTiles.me/index.html?app=<your app id UUID number>&shard=<na01 or na02 or eu01>&label=<optional dashboard Title>&wait=<seconds>

You should no longer use Access Tokens anywhere.

Example URL:

Thanks! I shall try it and report back.

I meant UUID number , but forgot the terminology. I know that tokens are no longer used as its a security risk.

Charging tablet now to investigate.

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So I have a handful of momentary buttons that I’ve coded up to function as my Roku remote control. I’m wondering if there is a way to customize the CSS on a per-button basis so that, for example, the ‘up’ momentary button has an ‘up’ icon and the ‘down’ momentary button has a ‘down’ icon. It seems that the only way to customize the CSS would be to customize the entire momentary button class, rather than individual buttons.

Any help or guidance is appreciated.

I second that, I am also using fullscreen browser and was getting the same error…wrong url dismissed…the correct url is the one with launcher&wait=2 at the end…It worked perfectly fine with full screen browser on my android tablet

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OK great tks - got my Weather tile working perfect now :slight_smile:

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Got it! That worked. The app “Fully Kiosk Browser” is great as it combines full screen access to SmartTiles.Click as well as motion sensor from the forward facing camera. Works really well. It has some overlayed opaque text in the lower left side that are fairly large that reads

“PLUS Features Activated” I imagine that these will stay in place until one ponies up the 4.80 euro for a license.


Will try tonight.
Terry I have noticed that there are oath parameters in the settings, Maybe there could BE used to solfe the security issue

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