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Dad presence


When my dad comes to visit and is sitting in the family room with the light on and I go to the store it turns the light off. How can I have the light stay on when I leave but when he’s gone home have the light turn on/off with my iPhone presence. The family room switch is a smartthings device switch.

(Brian Diehl) #2

Here’s a guide on different ways of detecting presence (some of which are virtual)
You may want to look at the bottom post which has information about a virtual device that is a presence sensor and a switch (so it can be turned on and off).

(Robin) #3

I just use a simulated switch for situations like this… I named the switch ‘Automation’.

Nearly every rule I setup (mainly in CoRE these days) is set to only fire when the automation switch is turned on.

I have a CoRE piston setup to warn us via text if both me and my wife leave the house while automation is turned off… That way we know the alarm won’t be set to ‘armed away’ if we forget to turn automation back on!

If you want this to happen automatically based on your dads presence then you will need to setup his phone for presence (he won’t like the battery drain for the majority of the time he is not sat on your sofa) or just give him a ST presence sensor (and hope he remembers to bring it with him)

You could then follow my Automation switch method above but set a new rule to turn off automation when he is present, or just add his presence sensor into your existing automations.

(Garrett) #4

I created a “mode” called “no automation”. I then setup all my smartapps and routines to only do their thing if the mode is any mode except “no automation”. I then created two routines that i can run manually that put me into the no automation mode or my home mode. This is how i disable or enable all of my automation.

(Bob) #5

Clever. :+1: