Custom motion alert app?

Hello! I’m new to the community so apologies if I’m doing this incorrectly but I’ve done some searching and haven’t found a solution yet. I get a fair amount of motion false alarms. One every 2-3 days when I’m gone. I’m not convinced its the sensor’s fault… Could be a mouse in a farmhouse…or moth. Is there a smart app that only alerts me when a motion sensor gets tripped more than once in 3 or 5 minutes? That way I’d only get notified only when there is cause for concern as all my false alarms are one time alerts.


Are the sensors close to vents? Or in a drafty location in your home? I’ve heard rapid temperature changes can cause false triggers…

Hi @farmhouse. If you have more than 1 motion sensor you can use, give this SmartApp a shot.


Thanks! Ill give it a try!

sounds like this!

addition: i have seen moths large enough to trigger motion sensors. they are terrifying.

Are your Motion sensors adjustable for pets? If so, put it in pet mode and see if that stops the false alarms.

Thanks! I just have the smartthings motion sensor and I don’t believe it
has a pet feature…

Correct, it doesn’t have any ability to adjust sensitivity for pets.