Custom colors for Smart Lightning

Hello. As you can see, on the Smart Lightning app, we have only default colors presets: different whites, red, green, yellow, blue, orange, purple, pink). And that’s all. How we can add custom colors to the Smart Lightning?!

Thank you.

From what I can see I can manage to import a piston, but not to create a custom one to replace the Smart Lightning app functionalities. Too hard for me for the moment. :sob:
Other solution?

I have a NodON button switch. With Smart Lightning app, I assigned to Button 1 to Turn ON selected lights at 30% dimmer level with color RED. I want the same functionality but with the possibility to assign any custom color to it, not only one of the presets.
That’s all. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much in advance.

Thank you very much! I will try!
Can I use instead of Red -> #ff0000 code form?

Just now I am installing the WebCoRE from GitHub…I’ll keep you updated.
Thank you very much for the support!

This is my status. The webCoRE is installed, but it is not appearing under SmartApps :frowning: .

I am in Romania. I’ve done all that you said. Now it appears on My SmartApps. But it do not appears under mobile app. See bellow:

Done it!
I hardly wait to get home to test it. I didn’t know how to import the piston but I create one myself.

Is the bellow expression good ("$status changed to “ON”")?

Thank you.

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I came home. It all works!
Thank you Robin that you have introduced me on the webCoRE world. Now I feel limitless here on the SmartThings. And I am also proud that the webCoRE for SmartThings is invented by a romanian called Adrian Caramaliu. :wink:

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