CT100 Thermostat Users - Summary of issues seen so far

Hi folks,

I would like to understand how the current CT100 thermostat users are using the device with SmartThings especially with the issues I have been noticing. Idea is to understand if its an issue seen by everyone or just user specific.

Please let me know how you circumvent the issue which could be beneficial for other users as well.

  1. Up/Down button for temperature control - This could easily be the top requested feature ever since I owned this device. I was able to add my own up/down buttons by creating a custom device handler. Its sad that SmartThings cannot add this functionality to its default device handler

  2. Temperature update on the app - For some reason the temperature sensor readings taking a while to get it updated to the cloud. Is this a polling issue? Any steps to fix? Can we use CoRE to do a refresh to get an updated settings? I did try this approach but does not seem to fix the issue

  3. State changes - Could be related to the above issue but the mode changes(heat/idle/cool) does not get updated on the app. This is very annoying!

  4. Heat/Cool/Idle Option - The UI is pathetic for this device handler. For me to switch to cool mode, it has to cycle thru heat mode… this starts the furnace(duh!!) while I try to get to start cooling the house.

@Tyler @slagle: The number of users might be less comparing to other thermostat users but I do believe issues like above need to be addressed at least to maintain the usability of a device!

Others, please chime and let me know if you were able to address any of the above issues.

I too have had issues with the CT100 updating it’s state (e.g. temp, mode, etc.) without manually refreshing it. As a workaround, I’ve created a CoRE piston that force-refreshes it every 10 minutes.

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Thanks @cdallum. It looks like that’s the only way to go about before SmartThings could address any of the above issues!

I’ve heard that the state only gets updated when the thermostat feels like sending the update… I wanted to have some stuff (CoRE, etc.) do things based on the fan state or operating state of the thermostat, but since the state reports always lag behind the actual state change by ~15-30 minutes, more or less, it became a useless endeavor…