CT100 / CT101 filter reminder in ST device?

I just discovered that our HVAC filter has not been changed in about… 20 months… I changed it out and went back to the new thermostat to reset the filter run time counter, and got to wondering why this isn’t available in the ST device screen.

I know there are several custom device types out there for these thermostats, but I’ve not noticed if any of them display anything related to the filter. Is this data available over the zwave connection? It would be wonderful if this could be added, and I could find or write a smart app to push a notification when it’s about time to change the filter.

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I don’t see a field to poll the filter status in the published API doc I have

The published API though is out-of-date and no longer supported, according to what I read. It may have been added at some point but it’s not documented. If you have enough time on your hands you can try to find it.

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