Crestron Integration

I search the Forum didn’t find anything for Crestron.
Crestron is a major player for automation and have tons of product.
Is there any plan for an API?
How can I help with this integration?

Thank you

does Crestron have an API?

The most likely way that crestron will fit I with the smart things world is in using the smart things hub as a gateway to utilizing all of the cheaper smart things accessories with the crestron processor as the master brain. In the crestron world modules get written to integrate thing like smart things via TCP/IP. Crestron doesn’t have a public API but some crestron certified programmers could likely reverse engineer the command structure of the hub and develop a proprietary crestron module. It’s unlikely that either company will release anything like this as they are competitors despite cateri to end users with vastly differing budgets…

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Any change on this topic? CRESTRON cannot control many devices that ST does…