Create virtual switch/button to trigger harmony device button?


Im using ST + harmony api on raspberry + kuku harmony smart app to add devices independently (switch on/off and also other commands such as switching inputs),

I want to create a virtual button to trigger switching inputs so that ultimately i can ask google home to switch to that input…

Any solutions for that?

Switch Mania to easily create Virtual Switches, Buttons, etc…

webCoRE to create the rules.

Yes, but can this communicate with the independent devices’ buttons?

If they show up in ST as devices, then you add those devices to webCoRE and you are all good.

Ok, so the device is shown in ST but how can I view it in Webcore? can’t find it there, neither in physical nor virtual devices…


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How did you get them to appear as devices in webCoRE? When I add simulated switches or buttons I see them in my ST devices list, but not in webCoRE.

You have to goto the webCoRE app and select them. Then, they will be visible in webCoRE.