Crawlspace Monitoring

Does anyone have an encapsulated crawl space with a dehumidification system where they use smart things compatible devices to monitor the dehumidifier itself or maybe another means to ensure the condensate is being properly pumped out of the crawlspace should there be a failure at that level?

YES! When my ST hub was actually working (its been down for nearly a couple months), I used two Aeotec Multisensors for a 2700 sq ft encapsulated crawlspace. It was nice to see the “range” of humidity levels as the dehumidifier cut on and off. Then we noticed a slight increase in humidity and I investigated and found a very large puddle of water under the dehumidifier… the drain pipe had become clogged. So next we’ll add a water sensor to catch that if (when) it happens in the future. The latest gen multisensors also give us temp, light levels and motion, so we can look to see if I remembered turned off the crawlspace light the last time I was down there :slight_smile: