Craftsman Assurelink / SmartThings Integration

Will it work with ??

Yes it will, I also have a Craftsman garage door and has been working flawlessly for the past 3 years just remember to get the tilt senor it will be completely worth it

Thx for replying snijjar, I think the craftsman in the link comes with the tilt sensor? Since it comes with built in WiFi/smart function, I assume it includes a tilt sensor… Or are you saying I need to buy a ST tilt sensor? Do I need them both (2 tilt sensors craftsman tilt & ST tilt)?

Sorry that I’m confused

Adrian you will need to buy a the tilt senor the Craftsman does not come with one In older model you would have to by the Assure link adapter and connect it to your router for the door to work with the craftsman app. The model you are looking at has the adapter built in already

I have this tilt senor

I think I’m starting to understand, the “smart function” of the unit on its own works with just the built in WiFi adapter & that’s why it doesn’t come with a tilt sensor? But if I want to sync with ST then I just need to add the sensor you posted? Am I right?

If so, the purpose of tilt sensor is to allow ST to control the garage door without interfacing with the garage WiFi module or in conjunction with? (Now I’m getting further, but I’m learning & exploring at same time lol)

I just ordered the newer Zwave plus version of the same tilt sensor you sent me.

Yes you are correct for the first part the tilt senor is the main pieced needed to connect the garage and st together the senor is a zwave and will tell st the open and closed state in the st app once the senor is paired and setup in the myq lite smartapp. I have this setup so when I arrive home it turn on my porch lights and opens the garage using my phone as the presence device

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So do I even need to setup the craftman WiFi module? Or just ignore the WiFi built in to the unit?

I’d still like to have access to opening closing using both either or the craftsman garage app & the ST app.

Yes you will need to setup an account with craftsman app once that is done you will use the same credentials you just created with the myq lite app and you will be all set

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I added the tilt sensor to ST, works perfect. I won’t have my craftsman opener installed until next week, but had another question in meantime… could you have Alexa control myq lite? I ask because I notice that Alexa can’t see tilt sensor.

Yes you can you can use Rboy device handler and Ask Alexa just note Rboy requires you to pay a one time fee to get access to the codes in my opinion it was totally worth it has many great handlers to use from. Use the following to get started

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I’ve looked into ask Alexa before, looks like a pain to setup, is it required to have Alexa simply open & close garage door? Or would a simple DHT from rboy achieve “open & close” functions? I was really hoping myq lite came ready for stock Alexa.

I have used the following to be exact and the rboy handler the alexa helper was the first release of ask alexa

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Just revisited the first link you posted about the myq lite smartapp, it states that by installing myq lite it will allow Alexa to work with it. So I’ll try that alone first before I jump into the rboy & ask Alexa rabbit hole… I did read all 200post on the rboy link you posted, but ended up with more questions lol… I’ll post back once I got the actual craftsman opener installed.

oh btw, my Crafsrman opener’s box doesn’t say “Assurelink” anywhere, it only says “Homelink compatible”. So still hoping my craftsman works same with myq lite as yours does.

Your garage door will work like I said before Assurelink was the adaptor they use to sell separate before they built the Wifi function right into the opener

As for the myq lite you will be able to use it to with Alexa I didn’t realize they updated to allow google and Alexa to control the garage I just tested it and it works

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Glad you were able to test it on it’s own for Alexa. Thx for sharing all the info, I totally understand it now! Looking fwd to getting it all installed & setup. 6 more days.


Last thing I need to get working:

How do I control the lights from on the opener from the app? (I don’t see individual control for lights on either assurelink or myQlite apps)

I also need to figure out how to make this craftsman open faster… it so slowwwww

Why do you need to control the light from the app doesn’t it turn on any time there is movement

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Lol good point! Just thought I missed a step, but I called craftsman support and they said app only controls open/close of door,

I’m looking thru manual now to find how to make it open faster… slowww.

If it is slow I would recommend the installer to come back and check it don’t want to void and kind of installation warranty you might have

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