CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

Well, first of all, I would leave Location Mode alone, you don’t want to mix 2 completely different things - presence and time of day. What if you are going away for a vacation? What if you are traveling for business? Do you want your lights to behave the way when you are home?
So, create a global variable that will store your @DayTime, create a piston that updates / recalculates it and then create and call a piston that will perform an action based on the updated value of the @DayTime.
This way your Home/Away status might serve as an additional flag in the future to differentiate the actions. In addition you might want to make Night a separate flag. Think about it, night is not really a time of the day, but a time when people sleep in the house :slight_smile: So you probably don’t really want the lights to drive people behavior, but follow it. What I basically did, I created a flag Night, when all the automatic light updates stop. I set this flag when I go to bed and start sleep tracking using Sleep as Android. When in the morning an alarm is dismissed the flag is reset, the whole calculation is triggered, and based on the time of the day it sets the @DayTime properly, thus triggering a proper light scene.

A global var is always prefixed with @.

Interesting. I thought the whole point of Modes was to control when routines executed based on the “status” of you and your house. Based on that I’ve got multiple pistons that control cameras and lights based on what Mode the house is in (which as you saw from the above post, is based on the day and time of day).

I believe we are getting a little out of scope for this thread since we are now talking more about automation philosophy. I’m very interested in this subject and you views on it, but perhaps we should take it to a separate thread or PM?

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Well, first of all, I would leave Location Mode alone, you don’t want to mix 2 completely different things - presence and time of day. [/quote]

Re-reading your posts, I’m a little confused now about modes. Is there both a “Mode” and a “Location Mode” (while building pistons I’ve seen it shown both ways as a selection option)? If so, how are they different?

Okay, I found the answer to Mode vs Location Mode question back on post 1794. They are one in the same, just named differently… very confusing to the new user.

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Last week i set up a basic piston i called “Home Arrival” that unlocks the front door if any of two arrival sensors are in proximity to my hub. Everything was working fine until last evening when the door unlocked on its own two times in about an hour span. I locked up for the night and when i came down in the morning the front door was unlocked. It is also setup to send me texts when this piston runs. I received notifications at 5:40 and 6:27 am indicating that this piston was executed, but both my wife and i were asleep with our arrival sensors inside the home.

Does anybody have an idea why this might happen? This morning when reviewing the piston i see this option called Negate trigger - “Apply a logical NOT to the trigger.” I have no idea what this does, but i selected it because it changed my current evaluation from false to true and i figured that this might prevent false triggers. Am i on the right track? So far this morning the piston hasn’t triggered and the door hasn’t unlocked. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.

I changed it but now, when the door goes up it just waits 15m before sending notifications. Even if the door closes before 15m

Your doors will now unlock when you leave.

Check your sensors activity log, I bet it will show that they departed and arrived at the times the events occurred.

You can use the ‘save attribute to variable’ to save windspeed value from a sensor like weather tile, I think it reports wind or if you have any other source that you use.

It looks like it also triggered just before midnight at 11:58 so my house was unlocked all night. Thats great. Is this a Smartthings sensor issue? I was previously running this through SmartRules for about a month without issue.

by this post it seems you’re using the little presence sensor fobs… do a search on the forum about this issue. It’s very widely discussed.

I recommend that if you are going to use the sensors to unlock your doors that you should set up a piston to have them auto lock after X minutes of being open.

Then you don’t have to worry about the false alarms nearly as much.

Sorry, i looked at my lock log. The sensor log is not showing an arrival at any of these times.

I would contact ST support to find out what triggered the lock

Hi all

So CoRE is working so well. Thanks Ady264 again

I have a scenario I would like to implement to avoid endpoints getting out of sync with switches.
Yes I know ‘fix the getting out of sync’ but I think this is now down to fast physical switching…

I have motion sensed lights basically and power usage reporting thanks to erocm1231
This is what I currently do and in [] what I would like to do -

if MOTION changes to ACTIVE then
----LIGHTS Turn On
----Wait x minutes
----LIGHTS Turn Off
----if LIGHTS Power >= 0 then
--------LIGHTS Toogle

So how can I nest the if statement in the ELSE?

Appreciate your help…

I’m personally not a fan of having a cloud based system control the exterior locks on my home for this very reason. Issues with any of the devices involved in controlling the lock can make it act up. If I was to install smart locks and control them by presence, I would have a fob and a phone setup for each person that has lock control. At lease then both the fob presence and the phone presence would have to flake out to cause the lock to unlock. Basically double authentication.

My “home arrival” piston triggered the unlock. The arrival sensor is working as intended and shows it arrived at 6:41pm. “Home arrival” triggered at 11:58pm, 5:40am, and 6:27am while sensors were home. I’ll give it another day or two and see if this continues then switch back to SmartRules since it was not causing any problems. Thanks for the assistance.

On another note, can somebody tell me what this means:

“Negate trigger - Apply a logical NOT to the trigger.”

Another basic CoRE question here. When looking at the dashboard, what do the different colors of the vertical lines mean? What about the solid dots and outline dots?

Actually I’m using a Samsung Radiant360 R1 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Speaker. It’s smart things compatible and supports TTS. The Smart Things “Speaker Notify with Sound” app works fine, but CORE just does not do anything. Can you tell me how to review the logs for the speaker in Smarthings. I cannot seem to get it working. One time I did see CORE items in Live logging, but I think I just got lucky and clicked the right time, right place.

Blue — evaluated to true
Red — evaluated to false … I think that’s red, LOL
Dark Gray — not evaluated, and yes, the color is gray :slight_smile:
Solid dot — trigger
Outlined dot — condition
House — attribute/capability of the DTH exposed by CoRE

Also note that the colored lines refer to the state of the previous evaluation of the piston/conditions, i.e., it is not a real-time evaluation.

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I created a simple app. Speak the word “Test” at 12:38. App ran, nothing happened.



archivable true
commandId 777809
date 2017-02-21 12:38:00.644 PM EST (2017-02-21T17:38:00.644Z)
deviceId 93b36fc3-e473-sddasdasd
displayed true
eventSource APP_COMMAND
hubId f27a43be-4ec5-4ee4asdadad
id 7d6e7750-f85c-11e6ads
installedSmartAppId 60995bf1-asd
installedSmartAppParentId adc98614-1f55-adasd
isStateChange true
isVirtualHub false
linkText Speaker Test
locationId 802a4c92-asdadad
rawDescription Speaker Test sent playText command to [Samsung] R1 FCF136CC5D33
smartAppId fb67a933-asdad
smartAppVersionId 57a6c632-bb0f-4934-8988-e639675c09bb
translatable false
unixTime 1487698680644
value playText
viewed false

I changed a few of the IDs in the post since I was not sure it showing them exposed anything.

what am I missing. This is pretty simple. Always getting 0 and trust me I live in New Mexico and the wind is always blowing